• Open your own franchise. We're here to help

    Open your own franchise. We're here to help.

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Why Use a Franchise Consultant?

How do you know which franchise is right for you? That's where Franchise Mentors franchise consultants can help.

  • Accurate insider information
  • Shorter research time
  • Understand the terminology and process
  • Work with highly trained professionals
  • Typically no charge to the client
  • ... and more!

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Our FREE assessment matches the core values of the person; their innate nature; to franchise companies that make sense. In other words, find a business that is a natural fit for YOU!

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We represent a full spectrum of businesses and industries that range from exciting new concepts to familiar brands. We'll work with you to narrow down the list to a select few that make sense to investigate further.


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With thousands of Franchise concepts to evaluate, let Franchise-Mentors help you find you the best fit for you.

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