Yesterday I nearly ran into Robert in Ginza.

Many important historical events took place 7000 years B.C.

She can only trust him.

I want the concert to be a success at any cost.


I didn't leave the door unlocked.

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I'll be glad to join you.

We have started to recycle our newspapers.

It all comes down to a question of loyalty.


I think Hurf is truthful.

Did Ssi ask you anything about that?

Brandi is hardly listening.

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She's wet.

Tareq looked at Joel curiously.

Real should definitely eat breakfast before he leaves.


It's ten minutes to two.

You know now what you wanted to, don't you?

You have only two options.

Now don't pout.

When watching TV, please ensure that the room is brightly lit and watch from a distance.

Ian's here.

Let's not be hasty.


That wouldn't make any difference.


For better or for worse, television has changed the world.

And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.

Let's get back to our topic!


The alarm didn't wake Malus.

I could hardly keep from laughing.

We'd like to give this to you as a token of our appreciation.

I was just drawing pictures, I had no further intention.

Carl is unrepentant.

These are unworthy people.

At last she gave way to him and broke a secret.

I think that's the guy who attacked me.

Why am I still here?


My sister's son is our nephew.


Amos invited me personally.


I'm always hungry.


You can't fool me with your honeyed words.


The house is on sale.

The boy was too clingy to function in society.

Even Swamy couldn't do that.

My favorite color is blue.

He is the only person that can do it.

We're prepared.

That woman is much older than I am.

You may be needed.

I just need them for a minute.

The export of arms was not allowed.

The enemy dropped bombs on the factory.


There are lots of hardships in our life.


Get rid of those kinds of naive ideas.

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I need to talk to someone.

You'll never understand.

What made you mad?

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I'll just leave.

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Sean might know something.

I found her kind.

How come we're different?

What do you call these?

Actually, I simply read the Russian sentence with a Hebrew mind, and it's clear.

It's Matt's flashlight.

Danny was absent from school because he was sick.

He responded to a speech of welcome.

We are not alone in supporting the plan.

Hello, boys!

Have you put up your Christmas tree already?

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I have few friends.

Though this knave came something saucily into the world before he was sent for, yet was his mother fair; there was good sport at his making, and the whoreson must be acknowledged.

Let's help them.

I saw you guys talking to them.

Leora is going up the stairs.

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The explanation is clear.

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She invited us to her birthday party.

Prehistoric men were skilled in knapping.

Why didn't you tell me this earlier?

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Darin and Dave need to learn to work together.


The accident happened because of the driver's negligence.

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You haven't told anybody, have you?


It's started already.

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I was frustrated.

I'm taking off. See you tomorrow.

He looks like a clever boy.


I missed a golden opportunity.

A mere repetition of other people's research cannot be called true scientific research.

That is my seat.

I've formed a habit of going to bed early for a long time.

I need Lois's file now.

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The fool laments that which he has lost and values not that which he still has.

Shane, I don't care what happens in the future, because as long as you persist and go through life with enthusiasm and ebullience, you will reap success.

Pratt said goodbye and then walked out the front door.

I want you to take this medicine.

This diet is full of vitamins.


Wendy would do the same thing for me.

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Takao was buried in this city.


"It's a poor sort of memory that only works backwards," the Queen remarked.

They live in a council house.

They are buying vegetables in the supermarket.

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What exactly is the problem?


I reached my goal.

Military pilots are trained to take more risks than civilian pilots.

Masanobu is inflexible.

Smoking is dangerous to health.

Don and Gregor were both sleepy.


Is yogurt okay to eat if it's one month past the 'best before' date?

If I go, you'll be all alone.

Would you do that?

As soon as she read the letter, she began to cry.

Each day has 86,400 seconds.

There's the bell.

How long did you go out with him?

Why can't we go and see her?

I don't feel tired.

She left her umbrella in the train.

Jin probably thought I could stay until Monday.


Almost all boys can play baseball.


Do you think Tovah saw anything?


I can't find the waistcoat of my three piece suit.

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I won second prize last year.

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The informer's identity has to remain secret.

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Kamiya peed his pants.

Nobody crosses me and gets away with it.

It makes me really happy that you're here.


You have no right to interfere in other people's affairs.


We live on the earth.

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Tareq can't come to the office today.

I'm afraid I can't help you. You must ask someone else.

Obviously, he is to blame.


I hate my job sometimes.


They said that he was a talkative, noisy Oriental.

This is no time to argue.

Keep an eye on the door.

Apropros of nothing, the interviewer suddenly asked, "Would you ever consider voting for a Wiccan president?"

Tracy taught at Harvard.

It's high time to go. See you later.

Myrick unwrapped his sandwich and started eating it.

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I wish to take advantage of your offer.

And they lived happily ever after.

The falcon has keen eyes.


"Oh no! I left my umbrella on the train." "You are a scatterbrain!"


I would like to meet him.

It makes no sense.

Moore is foolhardy.

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He's planning to travel the entire country.

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Pull it open.

I lent my coat to a friend of my brother.

Janos drinks like a fish.

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Would you kindly come here at nine?


It was a hard sentence.