He dissociated himself from the firm he had worked for for eighteen years.

I like this work because you see the result immediately; it's very rewarding.

They must have failed through lack of enthusiasm.

We thought that we wouldn't be able to stop him.

How long will it take?

It's not too far from Boston.

Carsten is just trying to be polite, I think.

What should I do if Hy gets sick again?

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I won't starve if I have a real Japanese breakfast.

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I can't ever do anything to please Vic.

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I need to get a new motorcycle.

The majority of animals have skulls.

Go through the orange door.


I need to find her now!

I learned it last summer in Boston.

Kriton drank a cup of tea.


Tollefsen hasn't come here yet.

Duncan looks terrifying.

Philip plays in a band, and is very good looking.

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My wife holds the purse strings in our family.

Pratap couldn't tell Skip what he'd seen.

I thought you said nothing happened.

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Do you agree with what he wrote in the book?


Let's go outside and play in the snow!


We met earlier.

Do you know who bought your painting?

Please tell me how to get to Boston.


I just want to visit him.

You can depend on this dictionary.

I throw myself on the mercy of the court.

Let me know when you need me.

Why can't I be pretty, too?


Don't disappoint me.


The tower was easy of access.

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When I woke up this morning, I felt sick.


We suspected our cashier of stealing the funds.


Let's play basketball after school.


I don't like hearing myself.


From the way they look, I would say that they failed.


A horrendous situation developed. We hope the government can find a satisfactory solution.


I've got a son.

I'm very popular.

It differs from culture to culture.


How can you stop us?


How do you want to do this?

Caleb's are not quite as clean as Frances's.

The valuables are in the safekeeping of the bank.

She was my first crush.

Eileen looked at the sky.

I wasn't going to kill myself.

The rumor had no foundation in fact.

In case anyone's interested, I don't plan to be here tomorrow.

Mwa kept smiling.

I was surprised at this news.

What I said yesterday still stands.

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Many poets equate death with sleep.

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When was the last time you had a girlfriend?

I've never heard Mats say anything bad about Dale.

Do you know much about music?


Stephe practices martial arts.

He is an authority on criminal law.

We don't need anything else!

Do you want a drink or not?

He is my brother, not my father.


His jokes had us in stitches.

What's that bucket doing here?

She refreshed her memory with the photo.

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Let me buy you lunch.

Islam first reached China about the middle of the 7th century.

Shakil is dressed in black today.

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Just tell me where to go.


What are you trying to tell me?

I wanted everyone to get along with each other.

I'm very sorry I got home so late.


Donal made it clear that he didn't plan to go to Boston.

Don't read my journal!

I can't believe that Donna kissed me.

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The power plant supplies the remote district with electricity.

Trigonometry studies relationships involving lengths and angles of triangles.

Marguerite is far from happy.


Some of the oldest Chinese chopsticks date from 1200 B.C.


I read three kind of newspapers in order to keep abreast of the times.


I take it for granted that they'll get married.

Whom are you speaking of?

Let us know how we may be of service to you.

I'm not angry with him.

You should be very careful in crossing the road.

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I'm sorry for being late.

Aimee has been drinking, but he isn't drunk.

This computer saves us a lot of work.

He cried out.

Mysore promised to take me fishing.


He was so busy that he sent his son instead of going himself.

You should go to the doctor; you've been coughing all day.

I've always preferred working alone.


He left without even telling me.

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Technology is always changing.

She woke up naked on the floor.

I hope this treaty will contribute to peace in the world.

Vincent says he's tone deaf.

She saw everything.

I thought Kate and Dennis were talking things out.

He is cutting the boy's hair.

Come to me if you are in difficulties.

The gentle young wife pleaded with tears that her darling husband should restrain his habit of drinking so much.

Don't count your chickens before they are hatched.

Kiki and Ozan both can't swim.

Where is the new rota?

Mark tries to write a new blog entry every day.


I like to do my homework.


I don't like living alone.

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A widow had three daughters.


I don't think Piotr heard you.


I have to go pick up the kids.


What do you think this is worth?

The Internet is an invaluable source of information.

Everybody says I look like my father.


I warned Miriam to stay away from Pat.

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My water broke on the evening of the predicted birth date.

He's now aboard the ship.

She wished me good night.

I felt so out of place.

"What did the professor talk about?" the student asked.

Where's the toothpaste?

To the professor, she was a joy to teach.


Bill was late for school as usual.

I gave in to temptation and began to smoke a cigarette.

It's dark inside.


Germany lies at the heart of Europe.

I like astrology.

Call me if you need my help.


The villagers thought him very generous.

I'm going to Hawaii next week, so I have to go and exchange some yen for dollars at the bank.

Rodney fell asleep on my couch.


Since it was already late, I went to sleep.


Alvin said he'd be here in a few minutes.

The temperature is forty below.

The team wanted the coach fired for his abusive behavior.


I really like you.

I wrote the wrong address on the envelope.

The richest man cannot buy true love.

He remained calm in the face of such danger.

We forgive him.

While I was at it, I felt as if I was walking on thin ice.

It may be too late already.

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There are more sweets in this shop than in that one.

This is what it's all about.

The secret of life is hanging around until you get used to it.