Was it really Eric?

My older sister often drinks tea with milk.

It is very courteous of you to call on me.

Not at all.


Not everyone who has a paintbrush in their hand is a painter.

The servants tried to carry out their master's order.

I came here to warn you about what might happen.

My bra is dirty.

Don't touch the stove.


Are you on something?

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Now, before I say any more, listen to this;

It's not you, it's me.

This man is your friend, remember?

I'm sure he'll like it.

She's a bit tipsy.


Axel did everything he could do for Jones.

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There's still so much to do.

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He is collecting data.


You aren't cooperating.


The village is easy of access.


Alice had no idea that Erik was already married to Knudsen.


It's the other one.


Who are you angry at?

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Leslie is the kind of guy that a girl could fall in love with.


His teeth were white.

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Could I have your phone number?

This is my problem.

It's only a matter of time before we find the thief.

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Len has a lot of courage.

I told you I was fine.

This is a decision that is very dependent upon what possibilities the family has.

What's her problem?

Who else might've done it?

He decided to go there.

She always looked happy, but in fact she'd never once had anything to be happy about.

Men's natural rights are equal; claim is met by claim, effort by effort, and force by force.

Why don't I just go ask him?


Japanese companies emphasize hierarchy.


Who do you think will take over the company?

I had to swerve to avoid hitting the dog.

That's not so bad.

Klaudia wondered where Mehrdad could be going.

At the time, the incident did not seem important.

I would like to have a look at your stamp collection.

She held back her anger, and smiled graciously.

I see you're all awake.

How do you say "pasta" in Italian?

The effects of climate change are far less pronounced in Antarctica than in the northern polar regions.

The flood overwhelmed the village.

My sister is now bound up in her work.

Guess what I found.

I promised Vince I wouldn't say anything.

Please refrain from smoking without permission.


He is possessed of a strong fighting instinct.


They respect authority.

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I'm only the mechanic.

What is important is not which university you've graduated from but what you've learned in the university.

The book belongs to Paul.


Lievaart said you were happy.


It was about time.

Lake Towada is famous for its beauty.

Rafik is an expert at all kinds of games.

Did you see how big their house is?

Judith said what you told me wasn't true.

Sorry, I don't speak very well Esperanto.

Jimmie is to be a minister.


I think your phone's off the hook.

He is quick to take offence.

This cat is black. Is the dog, too?


The place was empty inside.

Many working mothers are full of guilt.

It wasn't harassment.


We have to get rid of Ragnar.

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Sweden is called "Sverige" in Swedish.


People under 18 do not marry.

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She asks for your opinion.


I have some good news to share.


I went from door to door trying to sell encyclopedias.

A sadist likes inflicting pain; a masochist, receiving it.

He gave us such a long assignment that we protested.

Why do you have to be so dramatic?

As we enjoy our delicious summer dessert of fruit salad, do we ever stop to think that the beautiful green kiwi fruit is a native of northern China or that the passionfruit is a native of Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and northern Argentina?

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I'll find them myself.

I come from Japan.

She is keen to pass the examination.

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It's no secret Beckie and Kristin have problems.

What kind of guy do you think I am?

I need to get her home.

The girl has no mother.

Dana isn't going to hurt anybody else.


I won't buy the car tomorrow.

I had a glimpse of a UFO in the night sky.

The prosecution could not prove which of the twins had committed the crime.

This is the real thing.

He failed in his attempt to swim across the river.

We think you're doing very well here.

Sorry for the intrusion.


We'll take every precaution.

Do you all feel that way?

The first thing you'll usually want to do is check the oil level.


Tears filled Simon's eyes.

Does a uniform eliminate class difference?

The verdict is a tribute to their fairness.


I can't get out of here.

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I gave Sharon everything he asked for.

You should never cut corners on safety.

The injured were carried to the hospital, and the dead to the church.

My heart aches.

The airplane landed on my father's farm.


The boys do not sit on benches in the garden, but lie on the soft grass.

A certain hallmark of wisdom is the cheerful benevolence it confers.

I had a snack before I went back to work.

When the rain stops, I'll take the dog out for a walk.

Is the book boring?


Wendell was embarrassed to admit that he had started learning the guitar to impress girls.


He went out without saying a word.

Timothy is there already.

Listen, I'm really sorry.

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Who'll attend?

As cultural exchange continued between the two countries, their mutual understanding became even deeper.

Greeks are good cooks.

Her behavior isn't normal for a young girl.

The pupils burst out laughing.

He was poor for a long time, but he is well off now.

Where's the hammer?


If you are a student, behave as such.

Patricio doesn't understand a word of French.

My brother swims every day in summer.

She's angry at the world.

Don't expose it to the rain!

I can't study with you watching me.

A teacher may never laugh at a student who made a mistake.


Somalia is called "Soomaaliya" in Somali.

We have visitors.

This is one of the city's best restaurants.

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I can't open the door.


I know nothing yet.

Cole's a master of the one-liner.

If you feel there are several possible translations, note that for the same sentence, you can add several translations in the same language.

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I see that you're as stubborn as I am.

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Prakash always goes to the supermarket where Murray works.

They grew warm over the debate.

Janice never told me he used to be married to Those.


Suzan will never forget Jong's kindness.

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I respect the praying mantis as a living creature!

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Look what you've done.

Tell me again why you want me to do that.

Why does Valerie want to be a teacher?


I was worried sick about you.