People who don't have a computer can't make full use of this MP3 player function.

Patricia showed some pictures to Lar.

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Australia is a puppet state.


I lost no time in visiting my aunt in the hospital yesterday.

She's drowning in debt.

Mahesh arranged a picnic for the whole office.


Barney was offered a leading role in a horror movie.

Hirotoshi wrote down our names.

Be kind to them.

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He failed his exams through not studying enough.


After every big snowfall, the students trudge through deep snow to school.

He set out on a trip.

You need to listen to that.


I can hear what I want.

She seemed to be very keen on music.

I really am very busy.


What should we say to Niall now?

It's likely Micah knows Art's phone number.

Tricia told me he wouldn't be late, but he still hasn't shown up.

If you are a good boy, I will give you this watch.

My son's friend imposed himself on us for two weeks.

I saw a man standing naked under the waterfall.

Is this about me?

What do we know about him?

I like summer best because I can swim.

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He's going to Paris next month.

I'm wealthy.

I left a message for her.

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Think about it carefully.


Well done, Norman.


He recognizes his fault.

Is there any chance that Sue won't get here on time?

Would you ask him to join us?


Covered with dust, the doll stood in the corner of the room.

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Many happy returns of the day! Happy birthday!


Did you pick one yet?

Daren was adopted by a couple in Boston when he was three years old.

Today was such a bad day.


Will you give me a job?

Pontus didn't even know that Turkeer was gone.

Turn the music up!

Tollefsen is angry and bitter.

I'm done for tonight.


Nearly every woman I know has experienced some instance of sexual harassment.

You're a grouch.

Could you keep your eye out for my car keys?

Amanda's dog bit him playfully.

I know you're mad.

I'm suffering from anal itching.

Shut the windows and keep that cold wind out.

Why would I want to be friends with someone who has 4,387 of them on Facebook?

Do you think Toerless wears smart clothes?

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Dave wanted to say more than he did.

What's on your to-do list for today?

I think you know what you should do.

Here today and gone tomorrow.

I own 30 acres of land about 3 miles out of town.

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I will go to encourage him.


What didn't you like about him?

That almost made me laugh.

Pete was determined to kill Kylo.

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Do you want to see my boat?


Oh, yes, I remember.

He knew me.

They live in a mansion.

Are you sure Kristen will let us help him?

Can you think of anyone James might know here?

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Please don't let this happen again.

My schedule is a little tight.

I think what I'm doing is worthwhile.

He looks quite sophisticated for his age.

I have a favor to ask of you.


Tovah has no idea where we are.


The general manager is in the meeting room.


The ice is so thin that it won't bear your weight.


You should have told me.


Socorrito offered his help to us.

Do you have a part time job?

I make the rules.

That's a really nice story.

The fat man jumped over the ditch and fell to the ground.

Is there a situation in which one works but not the other?

We must do as they say, Moe.

That will help.

Why'd you do that?

I haven't had a vacation in years.

I must learn this poem by heart.


I wanted to know the truth.

An hydrogen atom only has one proton and one electron.

Lucky, weren't you?


What am I going to tell her?

Who should I be afraid of?

Speak louder, please.

I cannot remember the date offhand.

Does this mean anything to you?

I will repeat it so you will not forget.

Anna needs to get a high-paying job.

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Ravindran slammed his bedroom door.


We've got to get rid of this stuff.


The young adapt to change easily.

The more you listen, the more you speak.

Why do you consider that incident important?

I'm alive in Tokyo.

Is everyone recovering?


Go wake them up.

Pitawas refused to do so.

There was carnage.


Winnie is a little guy.

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He has to work on his own.


Nguyen and Jeff have come.


Do you have work experience?

Dan didn't even like guns.

I didn't know who you were.

Don't go against his wishes.

Sjaak is a brilliant scientist.

He arrived at the station out of breath.

I took one out.


Merauke is the easternmost city in Indonesia.


I am a busy person.

Does anyone have a picture of this?

The first thing to come to mind was her face.


We would have learned Esperanto if we'd had more time.

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The plans are being made without regard to his schedule.

You should go home. It's late.

Jennie escaped unscathed from the wreckage.

That surprises you, doesn't it?

Do you think Rich trusts us?

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I wish we had more information.


I have a slight headache today.

We have something very important that we need to discuss.

I thought something was going to happen, but nothing did.

Your doctor says you're going to be OK.

Kikki really is quite talented.


Jesper never eats junk food.

Don't wash your dirty linen in public.

I wasn't the one who did that.

Kristen doesn't have to talk about it if he doesn't want to.

I like to watch anime.


He is proud of having been educated in the United States.

I've spoken amply about the project.

Please stay away from Tarmi.

The other colonies began sending troops to help.

There are teachers and teachers.

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Francisco is going to come looking for me.


Ninja acted like a lunatic.


You might not want to buy that much sugar.

I have plenty of time.

Amir is full of shit.

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Since then, diplomatic relations between Canada and Iran have been suspended.


Give me three minutes.