Give me the cheapest round trip flights from Indianapolis to Orlando around 25th December.

All Kanthan wanted was to go home.


He is without doubt the most successful movie director in the world.

You can talk until you're blue in the face, but you'll never convince me.

The problem is not settled yet.

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Ti looks flustered.

Liza was uncommonly good at remembering customers' orders, which, sadly, kept her out of any managerial positions.

Could you please give me some more examples of that?


I'll never let anything happen to you.

Apparently, people will never know the answer to this question, no matter how much they may try to.

Thank you for agreeing to meet me here.


This job eats money.


When did you come by this bicycle?

I eat cheese.

I can't make out what she said.

Appearances are deceiving.

We anticipate a heavy rainfall tomorrow.

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I am here.


We're going to have so much fun!

His memory is deteriorating with age.

My blood pressure is quite high.


The tide is coming in.

The union has a dominant influence on the conservative party.

That's a truly revolutionary idea.

The children started bouncing up and down on the couch.

How many people are in your party?

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I suggest you duck.

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Did you tell Stagger about the fire?

Who's laughing now?

I don't know why my head hurts.

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Ravindran knew who I was trying to find.


The alert guard perceived a dim shape in the distance.


How many do you have in stock?

Cathy's doctor told him to quit smoking.

Please choose a more secure password.

He said that he was very happy.

It was difficult to convince him to cancel the trip.

Theo and Kenneth are really good friends.

I still need more training.

There must be something wrong with the pen he is using.

We should talk to Lea.

I want to work in a hospital.

Indra brought it here.

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This week was nice.

Within a week, most of Europe was at war.

Dawson decided to major in French.


Everyone in the apartment block shares a kitchen.


I keep dreaming about him.

I'm going to stay with them.

Do I need an operation?

I'm really proud of you.

Sally and Konstantinos weren't alone.


Someone tapped me on the shoulder.

The plane was grounded because of the fog.

I think Kathleen is unpredictable.

I usually have supper between 7 and 8 p.m.

Oliver is always on the lookout for suspicious people.

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My father died before I was born.

I don't like these remarks.

She wore such thin clothes that she might well catch a cold.

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You have to listen to her.

I can't imagine why not.

I missed my chance.


Do you have a biro?


What you did took guts.


Jim didn't just sprain his ankle. He broke three of his toes.

Society exists only as a mental concept; in the real world there are only individuals.

I didn't do it for money. I did it for fun.

She has a sharp nose.

Real already understands that.

Is that good or bad for me?

It's funny you should say that.


Her grandfather died of cancer last year.


How long will it take you to paint my house?

You're wondering who I am, aren't you?

I plan to go to America next year.

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Charlie Chaplin is an actor.

That's no way to speak to your parents.

She is not so insensitive a girl as to laugh at a funeral.

The eldest of the three boys is Barton.

He notified the police of the traffic accident.

Thierry knows that Ronald is hungry.

I can't help you today.


You are not to leave your room.

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Get on your knees.

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I think your English has gotten a lot better.


I've been saying that all along.

Revised went to Boston for a week.

I don't want to be the one to do that.

Do you have breakfast at home?

Where do you want to sell this?

We're worse off now than we've ever been.

They are decked out in their Sunday clothes.

His car remained locked.

I need you to tell Roland what's going on.

You need to clean your windshield.

This is how the great empire came into existence.


I never wanted Benson here.


Hunter seems artistic.

There's a yellow rose.

We've outrun them.


Why was I banned?

It wasn't what I wanted.

They left it under the table.

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He told us to set off at once.

The people were bruised and the cities were on their knees.

Sit with me.

Lois still wants Sergio.

Are my clothes dry yet?

They both got here late.

I'm on the roof.

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I don't want to interfere.

If it is raining, I won't go out tonight.

Do you like rain?


That could take days.

That's one crazy ass bitch!

I've deleted my comment.

His screams brought the neighbours from their cottages, but they were unable to explain how it had all come about. It was true, they said, that about mid-day they had heard a great noise, but as that was a matter of daily occurrence they did not think much of it.

It's good to be back home.


What have you got there in your pocket?

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This isn't a sentence in Chinese!

Tears welled up in her eyes.

Can I begin?

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Nothing here is mine.

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I hadn't waited long before he came along.


It snowed a good deal last night.

I collected coffee cups.

His powerful speech carried the audience with him.


The dog kept barking all night.


So they sought a place such that the conference seating would have them facing the Americans.

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You mustn't throw litter in the street.

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The birds twitter cheerfully.

The only hope is to escape.

You have made a promise.

Leo likes soft drinks.

Shakil did a really nice job.

I thought he was going to fail the exam, but he passed after all.

You always seem to be very busy.

As soon as the new teacher entered the classroom, the students began to applaud.

Do it your own way.


Jochen is going to have fun.

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She put in for a raise.

He saved her at the cost of his own life.

That fellow can't tell right from wrong.

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Robert likes to chat with his boyfriend.

It's obvious that you're wrong.

I ate a Japanese rice omelette.

When was the last time you went on a date?

Sleep is the biggest thief; it steals half of our lives.

That won't happen again.

You told me not to talk to Matthieu, remember?


Well, let's get going!