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I was in a bad mood.

I am tired, from sickness and work.

I'm not in the mood for games.


I don't want to be with you anymore.

Man is not a rational animal; he is a rationalizing animal.

She need not have brought a lunch.


The game was suspended.

Be careful. It's very sharp.

We would like to distribute your product in Japan.


Adrian's wife kicked him out.


He lives in the city.

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Eli would do anything for me.

How is it possible that no one saw Nicolo escaping from the prison cell?

Do you keep in contact with your high school classmates?

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Where did you all lose them?

He and I want to dance a lot and go for a walk.

I earned it.

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I love passing time with you.

Pria is outraged.

We took her to the hospital.

Are they together again?

I think it's time we got out of here.

Marsh can't keep his mouth shut.

His eyes were blazing with anger.

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I don't think I could live without you.

I saw them making out on the couch.

I can't believe Stanley would do that.

The book is too cheap.

He was about to call her up, when her letter came.

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I'm not going to do anything until I talk to Hienz.

The more you travel, the more you learn.

I work a lot harder than I used to.


I would like to talk to him face to face.


Naomi said you'll be all right.

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Will you draw me a map to show me the way to the station?

How young do you think Keith is?

Can you draw the chemical structure of phenol?

Giovanni isn't helping me.

The goblins grinned gruesomely.


I'd like to graduate next spring.

Pieter can't buy anything today, because he left his wallet at home.

Whatever she said, it's not true.

Did Marika show you how to milk cows?

Kelly works all night.

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My mother wouldn't stop crying.

Harv isn't my responsibility.

But I have, they don't have money.

I can't go with you tonight.

Farouk is studying to become a doctor.


Why would Arne say that?

This is a green apple.

Don't you think you should tell Jurevis about this?

You're a pushover.

Hume and I are engaged.

I might not have told her that.

Murph was sobbing.


You do like them, don't you?

Sensing danger, he ran away.

I'm not proud of what I did.

Explain it to me.

I've known Randal since we went to school together.


It's a miracle! The link works!

Forewarned is forearmed.

Let's go to the field and fly kites, what do you say?

I won't deny it.

Watch out, the man has a gun.

Please consider us in the future for all your travel needs.

I resolved to break up with her cleanly.


Are you a doctor?

It is very simple.

He arrived late as usual.


Sanjay is hurt! Call an ambulance!


She reluctantly agreed to our proposal.

The band released an album of tributes to the groups that had influenced their sound.

Is that so unreasonable?

Mat grabbed his guitar and headed for the door.

The two of us split up last year.

You're as pale as a ghost.

Ninja isn't an easy person to get along with.

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You only have to be here at six tomorrow morning.

This man is a real freak!

Your parents are worried about you.

Borrow and return, then you can borrow again. Borrow and don't return, and then the borrowing gets difficult.

When does it start?


This is exactly what I needed.

Chuck's wedding ring is made of pure gold.

He proposed that bicycles be taken away.

The roads here are congested.

Please make five copies of this document.

Rodent stopped the video.

I lost Beverly.


The water will come to a boil in 5 minutes or so.

Are you satisfied with that?

I can't do anything at all!

Translate this into English, please.

The two houses stand side by side.

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Are they tall?

He overdosed on heroin.

Don't you want me here?

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He basically supported the free market system.

I was beginning to lose my cool.

I'll miss this place after I leave.


Laurianne made himself a cup of tea.


I'm going back to the synagogue.


Have you ever been to outer space?


You did what you promised to do for me.

Why is it nobody understands me and everybody likes me?

I'll tell you when you get back.

This is not a pipe.

It will take a long time to suppress the revolt.

Why do you have so many cats?

You should talk to a specialist.


The dress in the window caught your eye.


Philosophers distinguish between a priori and a posteriori knowledge.

Do you think in German?

That wasn't good.

What else could you do?

I start at noon.

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She bought him a sweater.

Vickie arrived a day earlier than we expected.

A mother must protect her child's teeth from decay.

Why were you so busy yesterday?

Ping recommended me.


'Tis better to be ill in body than in soul.


I'm trying to save Roman.

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Malloy made her own lunch.

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He invited me personally.


Being seen off by my whole family I shouldered a rucksack, stocked with my trip supplies.


My father and my brother work in this factory.

Irwin is only wearing a pair of shorts.

We need to get rid of him.


It's very uncomfortable.

I want to make a book cover like the leather-bound books that you get in Myst and Riven.

We owe you a debt of gratitude.


Is the human condition flexible enough to adapt to environments beyond Earth?

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Tell Stu thanks but no thanks.


The preparation starts tomorrow

Time has passed very quickly.

We could've helped Ami.

Have you told Syun what time the meeting is?

The play is at eight o'clock.

You have nice legs.

Phill is shivering.

I know you've got a secret.

I've heard a lot about you.

I have been hoping to hear from you.

We gave them everything we had.

Glen is still mad.

Tracy's missing.

Pilot has been depressed recently.

Root was too drunk to drive home.

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Can art change the world?

I am obsessed with learning Hebrew.

Did I say something I shouldn't have?

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I hate to get into an argument.