Why “Slow Lane Cafe?”

The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, circa 1970, says:

slow, adjective. Proceeding at a low speed; taking more time than is usual. Synonym: leisurely.

lane, noun. Any narrow passage, course, or track, such as a strip delineated on a street or highway to accomodate a single line of automobiles.

And Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary, circa 1991, says:

cafe, noun. A usually small and informal establishment serving various refreshments, such as coffee.

While technically correct, those definitions are a bit sterile and provide only a hint of the answer.

The mental image I get when I think slow lane cafe is a place where one can drop in, slow down, relax, and have a leisurely cup of coffee, or perhaps a cup of tea or even a cold beer. These libations could be enjoyed alone while reading, thinking, or just staring off into space. Or they could be shared with close friends or family while discussing 9472146194