She's good at tennis.

We went to the video store.

They appealed the court's decision.

When are you coming to visit my town?


You've really got to take your hat off to Bottas here. That guy has nerves of steel and always drives fast and clean.

Sigurd has no reason to be angry.

If you ask a mathematician if he is an adult or a minor, don't be surprised if he answers "yes".


She was been here before, and so have I.

Hell! My network link is down.

Well, it's just like the proverb "fine feathers make a fine bird". You look really good when you wear a suit.

Damon is crying now.

You are requested not to smoke.

While I am nibbling away, I listen to the news.

I am delighted to be here.

Give me that phone.

She died tragically young.

Beckie told us about you.

Throw Del the ball.


The school is only a five-minute walk away.

The Chinese are a friendly people.

She couldn't hold back her laughter.


There are three people in the picture.

I'm not available right now.

Get a few hours sleep.

I've come to save Karen.

He came on this bicycle.

It's not a bad deal.

Everybody in the building felt the earthquake.

I wish my kid behaved as well as my dog.

I can top that.

An investigation is going on.

Stewart felt terrible when Raphael told him she was fond of him but didn't love him.


These small rodents store up nuts in the winter.

"Did I wake you up?" "Yes, you did!"

I need a dictionary.


All my pains are nothing compared to yours.


The childminder cares for between one and three children.


Is there anyone trapped in the car?

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Regular services are essential to ensure trouble-free motoring, and to prolong the life of your car.

The lion is an animal.

We live, not as we wish to, but as we can.

I see you've been busy.

Anton got up from his desk.

They are both good teachers.

Felix and I are both Canadians.


What specifically do you need me to do?

That's not acceptable.

I want to see him now.

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You're a great friend!

I asked her to watch my things.

Where did you take your socks off?


When in doubt, leave it out.

Are you going to the prom with anyone?

I'll call back soon.

A fuse has blown.

I still don't remember why.

Reading is a basic tool in the living of a good life.

Not only the workers, but also their wives, sisters, mothers, and daughters older than four are being cruelly exploited.

Did you say I'd never win?

Do you know how much of a wait there'll be for a cab?

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I'm afraid to open the door.

That simply isn't true.

Go get him a blanket.

Surely Manavendra is aware of that.

Kids will take a chance - if they don't know, they'll have a go.

I talked him into selling his house.

I'll send a letter to my mother.

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The crescent moon still shone as the sun was rising over the skyline in the east.

We are anxious for their safety.

Subra was well-behaved.

Go and get me some milk.

There are differences.


If you sum up feminist counselling in a few words, I suppose it would be counselling done from a woman's standpoint.

Karl told Dorothy that her French was good.

The coat is too big for Jerrie.

Doctor, my name is Mutaz.

I'll get even with you for this insult!

You know, many a man realizes late in life that if when he was a boy he had known what he knows now, instead of being what he is he might be what he won't; but how few boys stop to think that if they knew what they don't know instead of being what they will be, they wouldn't be?

I never know what to say to people who have absolutely no grasp of the basic facts and are too ignorant to realise it.

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If he's still alive, he'd be very old by now.

My uncle is an amateur cricket player.

The cat was scared by an unfamiliar noise.

The minister was obliged to resign from the Cabinet.

Lonhyn is one of Jarvis's best friends.


When do I get to talk to you?

I told Debbie I wouldn't tell anybody.

Everyone was looking at Norbert curiously.

I don't like this watch.

I'm not feeling that hungry yet.


I can't deal with this anymore.


It's a huge contract.


That's what they pay me for.

She's about the same age as my older sister.

All having been spent on repairs, he applied to the bank for the loan.

He battled his way out of the mob.

The insurance payments depend on the use intended (work or leisure).

It must be hard work.

I fully support your proposal.

Please pass it to the other kids.

I slapped him in the face.

We can make it from here by taxi in time.

America has enemies.

Whichever is better out of two options is also best out of those options.

Every day, except Thursdays and Fridays, he gathered with his friends for chatting


Can you translate English into Japanese?

Well, are you going to ask him?

I'm still very active.


Everyone here is afraid of her.


The feathered balls you hit with a battledore are the seeds of a large tree called 'soapberry'.

Charleen has an incurable disease.

How soon are we going to arrive?

We have a great group of employees.

Can you still hear me?

Let's pack our suitcases and get ready to go.

Rolfe opened all three letters.

How did this happen?

I didn't break in.

Rob is so much older than I am.

It's important to her.

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I asked him to come at eight, but he turned up at nine.


I can go anywhere.

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I didn't know you didn't understand French.


Have you ever used a gun to kill a fly?

I polished Pedro's shoes for him.

I don't think Carl can handle the truth.

Pride will have a fall.

Whichever you read, you will find it interesting.

Maybe that's the real problem.

Nathaniel lost three sons in the war.

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It's really very annoying.

We're not in touch with Giles.

What do you do with all these goats?

Alan, I thought I told you to clean your room!

Each bureaucrat has their own idiosyncrasies as to what papers they will require from you. To be safe, bring all the papers you can, and then get the ones that you can't. Even then, you will be at their whim.

Laurie had a great night.

Who do you think is the G.O.A.T. of tennis?


Darci will be disappointed if you don't go to his party.


He's cleaning his rifle.

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There must be some way we can help Juri.

Omar had a back-to-base security system installed in his house, following a spate of burglaries in his street.

My hiccups won't stop at all.

Let's play word associations.

Water freezes at zero Celsius, right?

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John broke the window.

It gives me something to do.

I think Gregge should go home.

We can't do it again.

How often a week do you take a bath?

One of my suitcases is large, and the other one is medium.

Numerous stars were visible in the sky.


You let us worry about that.

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How can you be so naive?

What will we do if he's late?

It's a vicious circle.

I don't have time now.

The suspect told a lie to the inspector.

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It was effective.

If you want a hotel, look, it's just down there.

He did business in the same manner as his father did.

Are your parents in now?

That diamond ring cost an arm and a leg.

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She's a real estate agent.

He who demands much, gets much. He who demands too much, gets nothing.

It's not only me, it's the most.