Beckie doesn't let people into his house.

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To cut a long story short - she won and I lost.

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That's my song!

It is a curse.

I'll get ice.

No one would want to hurt her.

I'll give Dani one more chance.

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I want them to lose.


How fast the train runs!

Please think about that.

This time I'll pay.

I like vocal music better than instrumental music.

You are not in a position to ask for anything.


I'm tied up with this job recently.


They left before the end of the movie.

Don't trust anybody.

She always says what she thinks.

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Don't mess with me, Myron!


He said they should stay out of politics.


That sounds credible, doesn't it?

She's very open.

Why did you let us go?

The old person suddenly started talking to me.

Most seagulls are carnivorous.

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It's not far from here.

Leanne loves chicken nuggets.

This is how time is all wasted.

The leading brand of soda in most countries around the world is Coca-Cola.

Do you have wet wipes? I spilled coffee on my pants.

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Louise won't do it.

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I'd like to live in Europe someday.


Believe me, I've tried.

She never speaks about that.

Saul gave Lila the key to the Vespa.


We have many members.


Luckily she won a scholarship.

The peak of mount Everest is the highest spot in the world.

I'll be glad to join you.

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I just heard her.

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Who do you think you are, to look at me like this?

You have gone too far.

He turned a deaf ear to their complaints.


Why do you keep everything to yourself?

Is this a real concern?

Put your glasses on.

She's a natural beauty.

I've been giving that some thought.

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He lived with her for a few years in Italy.

I'm addicted.

They will punish all of us.

I insisted on that.

I can't tell her now. It's not that simple anymore.

The new government promised to rid the country of corruption.

Can I have a word with you in private?

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You think you are dying for your country; you die for the industrialists.


The woman reads English.


That's how I know you love Rahul.


Norbert forgot Byron's address.


Hurry up already!

We need to do this right.

Adam was the person who suggested we try it this way.


Do you know how beautiful you are?

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My boyfriend works at a language school and loves it very much.


I was wary of showing my intentions.

I'm in a lot of pain.

Anita looked like he was going to cry.

Earnie is a proud warrior.

I don't feel like sleeping right now.

The dream came true.

If I could only speak English half as well as you can, I wouldn't be worried about traveling around the world.


I hope it doesn't rain.


I was watching television when the telephone rang.

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I missed the last train.

The Rosenfelders might be late.

Don't be sad because it's over. Be happy because it happened.

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I'm well aware of the facts.

Are you writing this down?

Rudolph Skeleton was shaking and trembling in every limb.

His way of thinking is very similar to mine.

Unfortunate things are likely to happen if you insist on acting this way.

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What do you think will happen?


What a lovely couple!

It's the right time.

I need some time to myself.

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I want him to see these.

The thief ran quickly.

Here are my books.


Will someone please tell me what to do?

Mathematics is his best subject.

I like that piece of furniture very much.

Frankly speaking, it was difficult for me to make out what he was saying.

Let's try to find a way to help Stanley.

Let's not wait any longer.

I was happy to get your call and learn that you were finally in town.

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Rayan came back into the kitchen.


Elliott called Del continuously.

As far as I know, Norm is still married.

Our city is known for its beauty all over the world.


Whose is this textbook?


He is quite satisfied with his income.

You don't want to be late for practice.

Lowell would've liked to be here.


We'd better roll now.


He kept talking.


I hear he was released after five years in prison.

We met in front of the school.

There's a big restaurant right down the street.


These flowers are beautiful.


Go wash up before dinner.


Deirdre is beginning to turn blue.

What's your favorite song lyric?

I ran out of the house.


That'd be good.

It happened a long time ago.

Bobby is used to talking to children.

You weren't that bad.

He had no more than one hundred yen with him.


Man returns to his phylogenetic roots in panic situations.

Last night, I fell into a panic.

I can't believe you gave Dorian that much money.

The reduction of subsidies to the Cultural Heritage sector requires the adoption of a new paradigm.

Cecilia hasn't been doing a very good job.

This horse is on its last legs.

It's none of your beeswax.

You're necessary.

Did Maria behave himself while I was gone?

The television set will stop being the most important member of the family.

Stephan has been looking for a guy like Sangho.


This is a museum piece!

Rhinoceros is not a dinosaur.

His warm way with people had made him hugely popular.


Everything makes sense now.

He grumbled because they didn't pay him enough.

Don't try to trick us.

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What do they really believe?

Klaudia steals stuff.

Is Roxanne over there with you?

They broke away the bars.

Natraj always has to have his own way.

I took advantage of an opportunity.

I saw my neighbor's dog running in my garden.


Ozan poured himself a cup of coffee.


There are no birds in this forest.


Did you ever?

That wasn't a tough decision.

There is a windmill on the hill.