Kaj doesn't have long to live.

I have a kid.

Olof is cocksure.

I want to be useful.

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Shared studying among premeds is rare.

He was unconscious for three days.

This book counts among the best of his work.

I wasn't trying to do it on purpose.

How about going to see a movie tonight?

He has not eaten a decent meal in a long time.

My children don't speak French.

Why do you think Narendra was crying?

Pull yourself together.


If he had worked harder, he could have succeeded.

You are - do not be angry, please - a strange communist.

I'm not confused.

If the birds of prey want someone's blood, if they want to go on draining the Brazilian people, I offer my life as a holocaust.

Stay away from my woman.

The bridge is under construction.

Roxane will be so proud.

Why does this lizard have five legs?

After having anal sex with my boyfriend, we usually need to have a good wash.

Tell me there's a reason.

I was happy I did that.

Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead.

I managed to bring him around to my way of thinking.


How is it at school?


I still like you.


This melon will be good to eat tomorrow.


Julie doesn't think Grace is busy.


Nobody is born learned.

While the teacher was teaching, the students slept.

Sedovic is an arrogant idiot.

I read this book when I was in college.

No personal checks will be accepted.

I wish people would stop staring at me.

That was obviously a winning strategy.

They are inquiring into the matter.

I'm sure he'll be along soon.

The big secret's finally out.

I don't know what happened to Cristi to make him act like that.


I didn't really want to do that.


"Close your eyes for a minute," Darin whispered. Bobby closed her eyes and Christophe gave her a gentle kiss on the lips.

You're my princess.

He did not die of cancer.

He made up that story.

Jessie is boiling water to make coffee.

You're afraid of him, aren't you?

Spass and Jeany looked at each other and then back at John.

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What did they give you to eat?


Is that sweet?

Ernie didn't know where Shatter wanted him to put her suitcases.

Let's discuss that problem tomorrow.

The old man stopped suddenly and looked back.

Rambo doesn't exist.

I'm prepared for the worst.

These garments are made of 100 percent wool.


I was eager to visit Scott.

Hasn't Jim returned yet?

Douglas picked up his pencil and started to write.

God's inhumanity to man makes countless thousands mourn.

He went away in a hurry.

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I plan to eat the same thing you do.


Are you egotistical?

That's trash.

No one wanted to babysit Archie.


No, I saw it. It's true!

I filled the bucket with water.

Judging by the way the sky looks, we're sure to have good weather.


Beth talked about you all the time.


Are you the one who came to see me?


It's not my native language.


That guy over there doesn't even look like Leigh.

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He's extremely romantic.

She wrote him a long letter, but he didn't read it.

I know tons of jokes.

I never did anything to him.

There's a mistake in the third last line.

Maybe you shouldn't leave.

I appeal to stop the bloodshed immediately.

Miriamne gave Laurence a big kiss.

You're untalented.

He brought me a coffee even though I had asked for a tea.

She counted all of the flowers in the garden.

Saul is sure things will work out.

Are you two musicians?


Cathryn eats only white meat.


I'd like to check out tomorrow morning.

What Lord did was incredible.

How quickly does the bird fly?

Here's a comfortable chair you can sit in.

Yesterday I ate too much and now I feel sick.

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His house is not far from here.

I asked Kirsten if he understood.

I gather you were hurt.

He laid off his secretary.

I don't know where he went.


Take a doughnut from the shelf!

The church is decorated with flowers for the wedding.

It was a good buy.

Gregory can't remember anything Ruth said.

Would you be kind enough to tell me the truth?

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I'll call you when I get the results of the examination.

They're holding a liquidation sale.

Blenders are nice for people who really like smoothies.

That's what I was trying to tell you.

Please don't do anything dangerous.

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In a cruelly ironic twist of fate, someday Tatoeba will make an example of us all.

I'm going to have to try and handle this myself.

I'm only going to say this once, so you better listen.


Selling cars is my job.

They made fun of him.

There are no drugs here.

It's easier and safer to meet someone on the Internet than in person.

Why would you believe him?

No one is so foolish as to believe what he says.

This one's really nice.


I'm very shocked.

There is no one who wants to go there.

If he doesn't eat, he will cry.

We have a new coach and some new players.

I tried to change the subject, but they went on talking about politics.

Guillermo is getting away.

Did you really expect him to tell you the truth?


This place feels like home.

What's this dog's name?

I cleaned up the mess.


He opened like this.

Illness prevented me from going to school.

As far as I'm concerned, laws that require drivers to wear seatbelts are paternalistic.

Saumya told me you were on vacation.

Lenny has been told about the problem.

No one has the right to tell us that we're wrong.

There used to be a fireplace here but I guess it's been torn down.

I went shopping in town today.

Won't you call me Molly?


If you try at all, you should try your best.

What kind of beer do you have?

We'll never see her again.


It was hard to make this decision.

We hope we will make our home full of love and happiness.

Your methods are totally alien to mine.

Srikanth majored in history.

I'm going to tell Bucky all about it.

I've been concerned about you.

Waiter, there is a fly in my coffee.

This agreement is binding on all parties.

I don't know anybody else here.

I quit my job and moved so I could start off with a clean slate.

You know how you get when you don't get enough sleep.

The scientists analyzed the data.

We've all become communists.

We need to get this done now.

Getting your message across is much more important than trying to say it exactly like a native speaker would say it.

Will you give this to her?

Thanks for seeing me.

Put your hands down.

How did you get Barry to help?

This jet travels about three times as fast as the speed of sound.

I am the chosen one.

I'd like some water.

Her car struck against the gatepost through her carelessness.

Nobody can change history, although many have tried.

Can we help them?

Let's get our bearings before we go any further.

The child's body felt feverish.

Aren't you please going to sit down?

You can't get a job here without a work permit.