Profile creation, views and basic actions for all entities in the study: Client, CRO, PI, Medical Writer, Risk Management, QA, etc.


Creating and publishing of study/research requests. The core of the app and driving force of communication and collaboration between users.

Project Previews

Preview of all Project data concisely summarized and displayed. Easy tracking of Project’s requirements, updates and changes with a pdf print option.


Creating and publishing RFPs upon different types of business requests and specific Project requirements.


Creating and submitting Proposals upon different types of business requests and specific Project requirements.

Proposal Preview

A complete list of business propositions stated in the Proposal, showing exactly what requests can be fulfilled in what time and for how much money.

Compare Proposals

Evaluating and comparing multiple Proposals in terms of cost estimate, effort and schedule, allowing Clients to identify the best one.

Bid Meeting Actions

Organizing Bid Meetings intended for finalizing business deals and granting award processes.

Single Sign-On

A single session/user authentication process which will enable users to access multiple platforms in the CTC network.


A system that dynamically provides delivery of notifications in real time, keeping the users up-to-date at all time and at all locations.



When you combine a highly recommended software team with worldwide experienced clinical research experts you get – Clinical Trials Connection! Connection© is a revolutionary web based application that brings together sponsors, financial institutions, CROs, and all other parties involved in various aspects of clinical trials, so that everything you need is in one place.

Before Connection©, the process of creating, launching and managing projects in the clinical trial industry was always challenging and demanding. Now, every step is guided by the app. No more chasing funds, tons of papers, endless phone calls, months of anticipation and hundreds of working hours. For example, the confidentiality agreements will only take minutes to sign – not days like before – and they remain within the same standard as presently, only in digital form.

"Well, that's great, but how much will all of that cost us?" – you might wonder.

NOTHING – and that is one of the best parts of this revolutionary idea! You can create a profile in our app, follow the market and participate in any endeavor that might interest you without paying us a cent! So if you have an idea that might impact the medical world, or you have a company that can offer variety of services in clinical trial industry – Connection is the perfect solution for you!

Try Connection Today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the initial questions that users may have, followed by the appropriate answers.

What is CTC

CTC stands for Clinical Trials Connection and it is a company that is developing software solutions for connecting all relevant parties in the clinical research industry, as well as managing the trials after the contract between the parties involved has been signed.

Is CTC Free?

Yes! Registering and using our apps is completely free of charge for all entities. The CRO vendors have to pay a small percentage fee but only after the contract has been signed with a client.

How do I use CTC Web-based Applications?

It’s simple - you just create an account that suits your purposes and start from there. CTC has help manuals and guides for every applications, where you can find all the necessary explanations and steps to take after signing in.

Which Operating Systems does CTC Support?

CTC applications are web-based and thus you can access and use them via any particular OS.

What Languages are Available?

English is the only language available in Beta versions of CTC apps. After a couple of major releases additional languages will be added, starting with Chinese, German, Spanish, etc.

I have a Technical Problem, who do I email?

Should you have any technical problems whatsoever, do not hesitate to contact our support.