The gentleman is a very famous pianist.

Starbuck is doing laundry.

"Just where are you, Dima?!" Al-Sayib asked, getting a towel to wipe the spilled Fanta.

He said that he loves me and wants to marry me.

The kid stumbled and fell to his knees.

Gretchen took a picture and sent it to her friend.

You still haven't told me where you live.


My sister studied to be a stenographer. She still uses shorthand sometimes when she takes notes.

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So we are saving up in order to buy them.

I thought we had a problem.

The boss picked me to do the job.

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The police couldn't find any footprints outside Pierce's bedroom window.

Rafik was very busy yesterday.

That's our money.


One must wait for the residuals to converge before being able to use the simulation's results.

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Don't get all bent out of shape over little things. A short temper can make you poor.


Xavier is a young student in economics at Paris University.


I walk.

Mara was robbed again.

In the case of patient death during the course of medical treatment, even if there is medical error present, it is not automatically legally considered to be an "unusual death."

I saw him in the street just this minute.

There's a lot of traffic on the roads around this time of the day.

The fact is apparent to the most casual observer.

Dale's clothes were old, but clean.

Bernie and Junior's father are not big fans of Fetty Wap's music, even claiming that he's "ruined rap forever", meanwhile; Junior absolutely loves his music.

I wasn't thinking.


Marc will catch up with us.

Let's stop for a rest somewhere with a good view.

Pieter reminded Larry to go to the bank before 5:00.


This car needs washed.

Louise switched on the microphone.

I think I have a pretty good idea.

I'm the one who saved Lum.

Consciousness is a precondition of being.

How can I ever forget those moments?

Yvonne has danced since she was five.


I'm still angry because of her.

Cleaning up radiation, in soil, air, and water, became possible in the 23rd century.

I heard someone knocking.

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I'm not so lucky.


I don't think I could stand it.


Nikolai doesn't know why.


A baby comes to chew foods.

Dannie has raised three children.

Why don't you get some rest?

Christmas Day falls on December 25th every year.

Don't forget to take an umbrella.

Everyone sat back down.

There are many famous old buildings in Kyoto.


I'll demonstrate it for you.

I know how important she is to you.

Write with a pen.

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Even if you don't like music, you'll enjoy his concert.

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You know this is your responsibility.

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I know it sounds crazy, but I did see Irwin and Sonja out on a date.

Elias walked into her room and closed the door.

Ken joined the baseball club.

Life isn't fair, is it?

I walked alone.

This done, we had lunch.

The man is making a telephone call.

He was the first man to climb Mt. Fuji in winter.

Stop hitting me!


Graeme was given orders.

Hang the mirror on the wall.

It's really rare.

His house argues him to be poor.

He finally talked his father into buying a new car.

That's not the way I see it.

DVD players replaced videotape players.

We never got a clear explanation of the mystery.

Nigel is getting more scared by the minute.

I am writing a novel.

He is thinking of starting another firm in Paris.


Vinod didn't like what he heard.

My car needs to be washed.

She's a voracious reader.


Can you just throw these out?

My parents often go to the cinema with their friends, but this evening they're watching a film on TV.

Touch a document.


Examine the question in its entirety.

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She ignored the fact that he is ill.


If you want to find peace, you must suppress arrogance, avarice and ambition of power.

It was crazy of him to try swimming in that freezing water.

I suggest that you don't talk about yourself all the time.

He is not much to look at, I guess.

Every spirit makes its house, and we can give a shrewd guess from the house to the inhabitant.

The moon landing was a monumental achievement.

You know what I'm saying?

How often does Barton do that?

Calvin is really courageous, isn't he?

Why are you here so early?

Carole bakes cookies on Sundays.

We were excited to see the game.

Blayne doesn't like grapefruit.


I needed to know that you were OK.

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He enjoys wandering around the forest in his spare time.

I don't think that could happen.

We had to change our lifestyle once our first child came along.

Am I correct?

Will you express this letter?


As far as I know, he did nothing wrong.

As you wish.

I'm very hopeful for the future.


This restaurant is always crowded.

Where is a public telephone?

Do you need me to repeat the question?

It's so obvious that it's a lie!

They hate him.


Case can't have done that.

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We must deal with this problem.

This is the hotel at which we stayed at that time.

I talked Duke into going to the party.

Frank looks about thirty years old.

Both of them are at home.

That's wrong!

I've seen that movie before.

What is she doing out here?

What happened was unavoidable.

Art is not a luxury, but a necessity.

Did you subscribe to any newspapers or journals?

What is the news?

Check these papers over.


He's the last man that I want to see.


French is spoken in France and in some parts of Italy.

Mistreated by his owner, this dog was a sad thing to see.

The box broke open and the statue was destroyed.


Don't be stupid.

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Our first lesson is math.


You are only just in time.


Your conduct is beyond bearing.

It's up to you, Vladislav.

Please don't call Johnnie again.

He is a scholar of French history.

I've already called.


I found it extremely upsetting.

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I learn German in order to have more opportunities in the profession.

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That really wasn't easy!

I was excited.

The L.A. Lakers have got the game in the bag.

Dewey did well today.

They're strong.

Are you the pathologist?

She has been sick in bed for the last week.

Sorrel helped everybody.

I left a duplicate key to the room with my mother.

I had an egg salad sandwich for lunch.

What are we talking about, seriously?


Heaving a great sigh I plunk my bread on the table and flump onto the chair.

If Giovanni had gone there, I wouldn't have had to.

Do you have rice?


I always thought Kamel and Sanford were a good couple.


I'll see you there.


Anthony is a mathematician.

A sober-minded man adapts himself to outward things; a reckless man tries to adapt outward things to himself. That's why progress depends on reckless people.

I think Amedeo is a good leader.