Set up co-rides with other LinkedIn® members in your community.

If you like driving your own car, Twyne gives you the opportunity to look for - and choose from - interesting co-riders who live and work all around you.

Put in your trip details about 30 minutes (or more) before you plan to leave.

Then just pick people you like, turn your solo commutes into interesting conversations with other LinkedIn® members, and even get reimbursed 54.5¢ for every mile you share.
To score a ride, simply enter your request a half-hour (or more) before you need to leave.

Twyne will show your public LinkedIn® information and interests to other Twyne members who are nearby - and who are driving a similar route within that time frame.

And while you won't score with every request, when you do, your commute will be cheaper, greener and a lot more interesting!

With Twyne you'll always know at least 15 minutes before you have to go whether or not you scored a co-ride. So always check into Twyne first!


Real connections

• LinkedIn® - Choose your preferred co-rider via their LinkedIn® profile and personal interests.

• Neighbours - Meet more people and make new friends right where you work and live.

• IRL - Enjoy real, relaxed and uninterrupted conversations. No emojis required.

Real Impact:

• Social - Build strong community connections one co-ride at a time.

• Economical - Lower your vehicle costs by $0.545 for every mile you share (the IRS mileage reimbursement rate)…or save money on rideshare rides.

• Environmental - Cut your carbon footprint in half, reduce traffic and congestion, even ride in the HOV lane and get there faster.

We call it co-riding.

We think you’re gonna

love it.


Download the Twyne app today.

Available in certain areas of the county of Los Angeles.