Please answer either by nodding or shaking your head.

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I felt betrayed.

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Norbert may be a few minutes late.


That's my final answer.

Please step back from the edge of the platform.

We have to stay together.


Why is everybody here?


They're walking without shoes.

I have to help him no matter what.

Kelly caught sight of her best friend.


I will try to do my best.


That is wet.

Pia said that Claudio was a sissy.

Medical doctors and dentists have very different tools of the trades.

This sentence refers to itself.

Would you like my address?

Catherine is clearly agitated and distraught.

Are things any better now?

The friends kissed each other on the cheek.

You're joking, of course.

This novel is so easy that even a child can read it.

Why does that require an apology?


I am failing at cooking.


His manner marks him as a provincial.


Tell me which of the two cameras is the better one.


Pria had a perfectly good reason for leaving early.


You don't get out much, do you?

I must give my respects.

Are you two not getting along?

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We aren't kids anymore.


Suyog checked out three books from the library.

I'm pretty sure we got everything we came for.

I haven't even begun.

I like to work with them.

I told him to leave.

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The monarch's head appears on the front of all British coins.

What's your favorite band?

When will the prisoners be executed?

Is there a telephone anywhere?

This train is the last train to the world's end.


Do you think Duncan will lend me the money I need?


Ofer is caught between a rock and a hard place.

The cook broiled the meat.

It was so dark that they could hardly see.

It was a trick question.

My dream has come true at last by working hard.


Nobody wants to be the first one to jump into the pool.

He is returning to this city.

I'm not jealous of Takayuki.


These empty boxes take up too much space.

Four people were in the car when the accident happened.

Her boyfriend was not supportive.

The reason why he left the tennis club is obscure.

That didn't hurt.

If I bought everything that I wanted, I'd have no money left for what I really need.

I thought you were working.

I'll eat fish.

Gregg was driving to the Mexican border.

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The day of judgment has come.

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The Time Machine was gone!

Julie is just being helpful.

Have you seen any movie lately?

I'm feeling very comfortable.

We're through here.

It's not anyone's fault.

It's quiet in the suburbs...

Morton is making faces.

I've never trusted you.


Is that so hard to do?

Do you ever happen to nibble between meals?

Scientists of the 19th century believed that the Sun was powered by chemical reactions.

"I love you, too," answered the Fairy, "and if you wish to stay with me, you may be my little brother and I'll be your good little sister."

Would it be OK if I used your computer?

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This cloth is good in quality for its price.

Make no mistake, the feeling is mutual.

She is a child after all.

An apple fell to the ground.

He is not mature enough to live alone.

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The climate here is warm for most of the year.

What do you fancy for dinner?

You'll have to discuss that with Ravi.


The Great Lakes supply drinking water.

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Mikael sowed wheat in her field.

I want to stay home with my family.

The boy certainly wasn't talkative.

The squirrel ate out of his hand.

There's no need to fight.


Now there is some left over.

I asked my boss a salary advance.

I must warn her.

He terrified him.

He cycles to school.

Nobody knows that it belonged to Yamada.

No one will ever forget her.

She sat next to him on the bus.

You have to make up your minds.

They asked Kate to baby-sit for their child.

Pablo slammed on the brakes.


Is more always better?


Dieter lives beyond his means.

Take away love, and our earth is a tomb!

Lithuania is called "Lietuva" in Lithuanian.


Do you want me to tell you what I really think?


Louie is apparently guilty of falsifying records.

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Women usually live longer than men.

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These things are very hard to come by these days.

Naren is my dad.

Jussi thought I was stupid.

How many addresses does Vassos have?

Anne was bedridden at that time.


The flying squirrel came flying down from the tree.

Why don't you just drop dead?

Oh, just over the holidays.

I misjudged them.

They'll be more sensitive to the cold as they grow older.

We'll take care of her.

This clock is out of order.


Please help me distribute these pamphlets to visitors.


It's done.

Saumya shuddered.

I'm just glad everything turned out OK.


Gail came yesterday.

No sooner had she gone there than she was taken ill.

It doesn't matter whether I'm sleeping or awake, I'm always thinking about you.

Can't we tell Angus about it?

We need to maintain focus.


This morning I went to the airport in order to see my cousin off.

I think, keeping promises is important.

She has no children, does she?

Eventually, Clarissa just gave up.

You're saying you wrote this book?

Perhaps you should stop.

You're the tallest person here.


This collar's too tight.


I'll be here if you want me.

The reader will quickly realise that my analysis is precise and that her results are reliable.

Werner parked his car and got out.

Stop. This is not funny.

The harassed mule got his back up and began kicking up dust.


The rain hasn't stopped yet, has it?

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I like curry rice.

I have the internet on my phone.

I don't mind sleeping on the floor.


Hey, did you hear? Susan has a bun in the oven.

They're mistaken.

I think everybody's tired.

Sabrina is filing for divorce.

Are you free the day after tomorrow?

I agree with you on this point.

Death is preferable to such suffering.

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Stagger is getting married on Monday.


There was nothing wrong with your car.

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If a guy has got a bunch of flowers in his hand, it means that he is going to practise not botany, but anatomy.