A decentralized blockchain-based ecosystem, combined with fintech crowd wisdom & AI application. Traders, private investors, investment funds and financial institutions can get their financial estimates in a transparent and effective smart method, in the growing digital economy.

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A talented team with a variety expertise and knowledge, aiming to bring the cryptocurrency economy to be more open and transparent for everyone.
Eli Sahar

Entrepreneur, Visionary, Maker, Surfer, Husband. Has over 13Y experience in SaaS, Cloud, Mass Market and large online technological projects. Eli has vast experience in biz-dev, online marketing, product & people management. Since 2014 involved in Blockchain technologies.

Vinor Zukhubaya

Wide Experience of work in finance and strategic consulting with different types of data, business, departments and products. Vinor has a deep sense of responsibility to build professional community behind blockchain industry and to make it transparent. Big believer in Crypto and Blockchain technologies.

Igor Demko

Blockchain developer. Member of the Russian national programming team. Winner of many competitions and hackathons in Russia. He has experience in Js, PHP, C #, C / C ++, Python. Great experience in the creation of automated information systems and RESTful services. Amongst his developments, is a system for the Department of Education of Moscow. More than 5 years of production experience. In the crypto world since 2015.

Efrat Cohen

Has over 8Y of experience in advertising and online marketing, as well as in AD tech. She has run and managed huge digital marketing projects in the fintech industry, and has been a part of executive team of a major online marking company. Efrat holds an MBA degree in Business & Marketing.

Leon Penkovich

With over 9 years of hands-on experience, Leon puts his emphasis on the customer’s perspective and aims to exceed their expectations. Leon is passionate about both the functional and technical aspects of the product life-cycle.

Dmytro Tatiievskyi

Experienced manager in software development who is very much involved into all the processes and operations combining entrepreneurial skills with solid technicial background. He has been working as a software developer and a team lead, project and product manager, operational manager for the last 10+ years. PhD graduate in Computer Science. In crypto world from 2013.

Volodymyr Triapichko

Cross-Platform/Mobile Software Architect. Over 10 years of experience of application software development. Extensive experience with C/C++/wxWidgets, OpenCV, Kinect SDK, Android SDK. wxWidgets Technology Evangelist.

Daniil Esaulov

Graudated from Lomonosov Moscow State University, faculty of mechanics and mathematics. Nowadays he is a research fellow and lecturer/course coordinator of the Quantitative Finance course at NRU Higher School of Economics.


Rony Sternbach

Mr. Sternbach brings extensive experience in mergers, acquisition, investments and strategic advisory.
Chairman at Eldav Ltd. is a public investment company, traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. Mr. Sternbach was a Founding-Partner of IEL Israel Equity, an Israeli private equity firm. During his tenure at IEL, Mr. Sternbach led the purchasing of leading Israeli companies, including Tadbik (TASE, one of Israel's largest packaging companies), Phoenicia Glass Works (an Israeli monopoly in the manufacturing of glass containers) and Bikurofe (Israel's largest private provider ...

Stas Oskin

Has over 10Y of extensive experience in engineering, development and management of software, cloud, healthcare, crypto-currency, social products and services. Stas is an entrepreneur, Crypto enthusiast and a Life hacker.

Arman Manukyan

Investor and Founder of Crypti (currently transformed into Lisk). Investor, projects adviser and analyst of WINGS Stiftung. Investor and Selected supporter of

Boris Povod

A known blockchain developer with many years of experience in the Crypto scene. In the past Co-Founder Crypti and served as the lead developer. Also acts as a technical advisor for Lisk.

Guy Corem

Software developer by trade, having served as an IDF Mamram instructor and and engineer at Voltaire, Broadcom and Intel. He is a hacker and entrepreneur with a passion for crypto. Previously, he was the CEO of Spondoolies-Tech, a developer, manufacturer and vendor of state of the art Bitcoin mining rigs. Guy has been an active contributor for many years to the global Bitcoin community.