She went to the prom with ebullience, as she was to see her beloved Kenkichi.

Once you enter a company, you have to work for the company, whether you want to or not.

Dan was severely beaten by prison guards.

Gruyere is a Swiss cheese, but it doesn't have any holes in it.

I need you to find out what happened to Revised.

Dennis showed Think the tattoo on his arm.


Don't waste the opportunity.

There will be a formal dance at the casino.

It'll be hard to convince Andreas to sell his house.


How can I make him stop?


Do we need them that badly?

We must conform to the rules.

Nice to see you.

We lock the doors at night.

Gabriel has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's.

I don't believe what I'm seeing.

A mugger robbed him of all of his money.

I've risked everything.

A cold wind is blowing.

The king longed to go out into the world, to try his strength in battle against some enemy and to win all kinds of honour and glory.

Japan must depend on foreign trade to make ends meet.


Patrice went back to school.

I am not a fan of environmentalism.

What would you like to be when you grow up?

I love Kari and I always will.

Give me your phone number.


I'm content with my salary.

I'm not a snob.

Would you accept those terms?

I am from Shizuoka.

Isn't that your shirt?


You haven't been a teacher very long, have you?

I've never met him, but I recognize him.

In the past several years, the engine of world growth has been China.


Can you please come fix this?

When will I get to Tokyo?

Please don't cut in while I'm talking with him.

It really bugged me.

I got up at about six.


New Year's resolutions made in January are often broken by February.

Norma tried to stop Ninja from leaving.

What are you holding?

I knew people would talk.

My opinion differs from yours.

I will willingly go away with thee, but I do not know how to get down. Bring with thee a skein of silk every time that thou comest, and I will weave a ladder with it, and when that is ready I will descend, and thou wilt take me on thy horse.

The research is finished?

Chip is in mourning.

That sounds interesting. What did you tell him?

I don't want to become blind!

I want to spend more time doing things that make me happy.

I think you should try a little harder.

It's easier to make plans than to realise them.

Please clean out your locker.

I'll put it on the list.

Since when do you care about rules?

Her suggestion is worth considering.

This is what they have in common with other peoples.

Cyrus is taller than both Hal and her brother.


We should've stayed with her.


Shirley was crushed by the news.

He was never to see his mother again.

Cycling is a lot of fun.

We are faced with new kinds of diseases.

My friends invited me to supper.

Perhaps Roger was right about that.

The wind blows south.

We're here to support you, Daren.

It wasn't as expensive as I thought it would be.

The time is nine minutes after ten.

Just how big an idiot do you think I am?


The broken doll is mine.

Why did you shoot me?

I'm not able to speak so fast.


I don't think they're going to hear us.

I parted from her last night.

This is a little salty.

If I have to go to Kyoto once more, I will have visited it four times this year.

Free democracy now!

I used to hang out in this park as a teenager.

Terry is holding his hat in his hand.

They claim that all their products are friendly to the environment.

I don't want you to make the same mistake I made.

I decided to order the same thing to eat that Trying did.

We want to spend the holidays in a quiet place.

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Ramanan said it was on his desk.

Sorry to interrupt you.

I work as a museum attendant.

There's hardly any wind today.

The park is planted with trees of some kind or other.

Rajiv flipped through the pages of the magazine.

I need my keys.

I think Tim means just what he said.

I received a letter from my friend.


Nobody wanted to praise my country.

Will you introduce me to the young woman talking with Mrs. Allen?

How long will this cold weather go on?


He carried out the plan he had made in detail.


I'll lend you my notebook.

Summer is still a long way away.

Teruyuki and I'll do our best.

I consider myself fortunate.

Danny said he'd be there tomorrow.

"You talk too much," he said.

I don't want to be like this anymore.

It is kind of him to invite me to dinner.

What's the meaning of that?

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Jordan is a pretty tough guy to impress.

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You've been so kind.

Is it OK if I invite Nathan to your party?

You've got to get a steady job.

She decided to go and study in the USA.

I want you to go see a doctor.

I didn't say I liked them.

How can you accuse me of such a thing? I would never lay a hand on my child.

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I'm not going to go to the party.


I take back everything I said.

We have no wish to inconvenience you.

It's all coming back.

You can't deny her anything.

Don't talk about her.

I can't meet them now.

I love you, baby.

I can't understand his obsession with football.

Why are they so afraid?

I have never gone to Florida.

He was thrown from the car.

She needs a hand.

Young people must respect the law.

Would you mind if I used your car?

Marcia is only a few inches taller than Aimee.

Lanny began to shiver in her thin blouse.

I hope he will get through the exam.


From the moment that I met her, I hated her.

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The innkeeper grinned slyly.

Did Simon tell Sergei where John spent the weekend?

Their grace comes from hard work, sweat, and pain.

It's a pretty big deal.

Mott really is clueless.

There's nothing wrong with you.

Cindy and Siping ran into the air-raid shelter.


It has been three months since he left Japan.

If you feel like it, read "Ningen Shikkaku".

Now just lie still.

I used to think that was true.

This is the passage to the sea.

I can't believe I used to watch this show.

This city will suffer from an acute water shortage unless it rains soon.

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We lay on the grass.

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Vadim used to get up early.

She wrapped her arms around his neck.

How much does Jane spend a month?

This is my advice.

How was Los Angeles?


There's a very rigid hierarchy in the Civil Service.

I'm meeting the professor at 1:30 p.m.

Your home was destroyed by the storm.

You could've been killed.

Nancy papered her room green.

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Pete ate the whole apple.

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Sanjeev left about three hours ago with Harmon.


Brian left heading for New York.


Cristopher wanted to dance with Elisabeth all night.

I'm going to Boston this summer.

He kept on singing.

Roderick cleared her throat nervously.

Is my software up-to-date?

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I don't know what to do any more.


Fewer people have come to wear hats after the war.