Thanks again for rescuing me, again.

He showed a lot of patience.

Darin's daughter is now thirteen.

I don't know what to do anymore.

I won't lie to her.

We're not turning back.

I know, as we're going for a walk we could go along the forest path and to the forest mini-valley or something?

The fishermen around here smoke most of their fish.

She knew the story already.

You can take either book.


They're working.

I take it you talked to Ralph.

Spudboy is a couple of years older than me, I think.

You're bossy.

We saw it all.


I'm just a creature of habit, I guess.

I can't get this old TV to work.

Roderick was unable to control his emotions and burst into tears.

I'm going to hit the shower.

I've visited more than ten cities outside the country so far.


Thirdly, each team leader please report your progress.

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Ninja can use my bicycle if he wants.

I was just blowing off steam.

Unexpectedly the weather forecast came true yesterday.

Have you read my report?

The teacher mixed up our names.

The chance of that happening is less than a thousandth of a percent.

The children were going to make sport of her.

There's only one God.

They fled in all possible directions.

Donna's dog is well-trained.

Some things are personal.

What did you order?

That'll do it.

I'm a big kid.

He's a shifty character and I don't trust him one bit.


A public good is a good that is both non-excludable and non-rivalrous in that individuals cannot be effectively excluded from use and where use by one individual does not reduce availability to others.

I had to tell somebody.

The Doctor took his usual position, opposite to Grace.

The sea is very green.

Do what you will.


There was a woman in the passenger seat of Nici's car.


It is not because he had a faculty for business but because he was lucky that he succeeded in business.

It all happened quickly.

Joyce soon fell asleep.


I saw something strange on my way to work this morning.


He wrote me a long letter.


I want to kiss Dieter goodbye.

Sergeant can't understand Dan's motives.

You can thank me later.

What did Jeffrey reply?

"We'd like a beer." "Just one beer?"

She's very worried about you.

The boat was frozen in.

Stacy is wearing a black tie.

Please tell her.

Companies welcome workers who take initiative.

Karl has got it.

I'm really into football.

The couple was quarrelling and Chris knocked Beth down.

Now leave it to me, Harold.

Twitter is a good example of absurdity.

The child was playing with wooden blocks.

This week, 25 people have written at least one Esperanto sentence on Tatoeba.

He launched into a tirade about how the government is encroaching on his rights.

Shyam didn't regret saying no.

It isn't exactly what I said.

Picasso's early works have been exhibited at this hall.

Saqib picked Kuldip up and put her in her highchair.

This can't be true.

When is it convenient for you?

Perhaps we could talk about this somewhere else.

You'll be free.

The food hasn't been touched.

The plan is often easier than the implementation.

No one really knows what happened that winter night.

You're right again.

Everett lost what little money he had.


Dan was ready to commit suicide.

They made much of what they saw.

I'm happy Frederick has come back home.

Cats are nocturnal creatures.

You're just a little homesick.

The answer is completely wrong.

He broke in on our conversation.

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Who needs that?

Let's go to the pool.

I couldn't imagine translating without the internet.

Stop texting me.

I used to keep a diary in English when I was a student.

The taxi I took was very old and small.

He bought pencils, notebooks, dictionaries and so on.

The battle ended before they got there.

You are what matters to me.


Robert asked me to wait here until he came back.

Shuvra is far from satisfied with Major's work.

Did you see that?


Don't you see what you've become?

I don't believe in group therapy.

Talk of devil, and he's presently at your elbow.


The police made the witness explain in detail how the accident had happened.

I think it's time for you to leave now.

What's your favorite flower?

Any drugs or weapons?

For me this is a rumor.


The old barn fell down.

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You aren't listening to what I'm saying.


He led the meeting.


You gave Ning the money he asked for, didn't you?

She is paralyzed in both legs.

What has Kelvin been doing?

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Makemake was first discovered in 2005. It was formally recognized as a dwarf planet in 2008 by the International Astronomical Union.

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Gypsy always has a smile on his face.

She spends a little time each day reading the Bible.

Someday your dream will come true.


No girl dares approach him.


We're born between urine and feces.

They were mine.

Suzan seems to be having a bad day.

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Clem reported the murder to the police.

I repeated what he said exactly as he had said it.

I fear that he may not fall.


It can't be worse than now.

It's better to have no books at all than to completely trust them.

Siping used to be a model.

Who would want to hire us?

Phil has to make sure he doesn't make any more stupid mistakes.

I definitely did a lot better today.

The cat is on the mat.


He saved a child from drowning in a pond.

He's not quite satisfied.

Citizens are debating about health care at City Hall.


Meanwhile I can make myself understood.

Lou always seems so sure about himself.

Larry could've answered all those questions.

I wonder why Sofia is late.

An application of a qualifier precludes non-partaking instances from the compound meaning of a term.

I just heard from Uri.

I didn't want to mislead anyone.

She was left to her own devices.

What have you done to yourself?

Be careful. Don't drop the tray.

I said I would help.

I'm afraid I'll never see Oleg again.

Rice grows in warm countries.

How are things at the office?

If anyone saw anything, I want to know.

The Bayeux Tapestry commemorates the Norman conquest of England in 1066 A.D.

I just thought I'd mention it.

When was the last time you borrowed books from the library?

This morning it was raining when I took the bus.

I think my husband is crazy.

I wish Hector could go to Boston with me.

I think I'm going to fail a subject.

I'm not narrow-minded.

We're running out of gas.

I'm not going to buy that disc. It's scratched.


This method has its plusses and minuses.

If my brother were here, he would know what to do.

I want you to teach Alf how to do that.

Do you know how dangerous that is?

He says he drinks to forget.


The air of hills is cooler than that of plains.

Tickets are available here for $30.

Danielle doesn't want any part of this.


Knudsen has tested positive for Ebola.


Tell her this is urgent.

You could at least say "thank you".

Worm castings continually enrich the soil.