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We talked about it.


My attitude has changed for the better. I'm more positive now.

Fuck, I cannot sleep because those damned owls are hooting so loudly.

So boring was the lecture that he fell asleep.

All my relatives live in this city.

Is that clock working?

Infrared and ultra-violet rays are types of light invisible to the human eye.

The adopted child lived a happy life with her new family.

I have some business to take care of.

I switched one on.

The President died unexpectedly.

She started to get hungry, so she threw a small stone in the river to kill a fish.

I like drinking beer and wine.

He drew a blank when I asked him what he remembered of the accident.

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I wish I could think of a good answer.

Let her take a look at it.

Want of wit is worse than want of gear.

This place depresses me.

Yes, it's time to go.

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Who did this to you?

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I don't have time to read this book.

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Where's my coat?

The government is not doing its best to solve the housing problem.

Just as water, gas, and electricity are brought into our houses from far off to satisfy our needs in response to a minimal effort, so we shall be supplied with visual or auditory images, which will appear and disappear at a simple movement of the hand, hardly more than a sign.

They often invent stories.

We spoke with the help of a translator.

Mikael dyed his hair gray so he'd look older.

A large crowd had gathered on the street.

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He was terrified at the sight of this huge snake.


Donna went shopping for dog food.

They've located Bart.

I believe that I can trust you.

Anonymity or detailed reference are both fine.

Dan didn't even give Linda a reason.

I can't see what's happening.

Dan wanted to talk to the police again.

The table in that room is very nice.

Tomas knew he was wrong.

If you want to go there, I'm not going to try and stop you.

I thought I had him in a corner, but then he pulled an unexpected move and completely turned the tables on me.

No one thinks Byron will win the race.

Rafael is apt to be late.

She didn't want to dance with me.

Kimmo doesn't think I'm interested in what he does.

Drew definitely thinks all the girls in the class think he's handsome.

They spoke briefly.

I did a little bit of everything.

Willie made no attempt to hide the fact that he was in love with Merat.


I urgently need to go to the bathroom.


I'm sure he'll pass the coming exam.

The loss of their mother affected them greatly.

The police think that Mosur's hammer was the murder weapon.


She's such a perfectionist.

Sri pumped up the tire.

I thought I'd know when the time was right.


They shot him.


Congratulations! You just won a million dollars!

You're unusual.

I had to make a choice between Tim and Bruce.

Suddenly, it began to rain.

We're proud of our achievement.


It's a cellphone.

Turn up the heat.

Dani shared the apartment with Matti and three other friends.

An expert appraised the value of the watch as two hundred dollars.

He found that the things he had studied in school were not useful in the business world.

I just didn't believe it.

Mr. Murray is challenging the call on the right far service line. The ball was called out.

Sridhar's a big boy now.

Wednesday is near!


What happened here was a mistake.

My mother's mother is my only living grandparent.

She looks satisfied when she catches a cockroach.

Jimmy is to some extent capable of performing this operation.

Call your next witness.

Juan advised Jef not to borrow too much money from John.

Much wisdom is to be found in the Bible.


Mac did a cartwheel.

I bumped into your father yesterday.

Cephalopods are marine animals characterised by tentacles and bilateral body symmetry.

The actor came out from behind the curtain.

Millie loves chocolate.


I told you not to come here.

What a shock!

Antonella disappeared into the restaurant.

Kit deserved what he got.

The test is at 4 p.m.

Don't go near the water until you learn how to swim.

Is it still for sale?

I love cheese.

I've never woken up this early.


Mr Brown left for England on May 15.

I haven't seen that happen yet.

Why would someone like Mickey buy that?

I told William, but he didn't believe me.

Rafael knows this.

This program is broadcast biweekly.

I'm proud of her.

Raanan isn't interested in a promotion at the moment.

I know a thing or two about that.

I didn't see her again.

Do you know the area well?

I bought a new ball point pen with an electronic watch especially for this test.

Lorien drove across town to a supermarket that sold things at cheaper prices than the supermarket near his house.

What's your girlfriend's name?

Her sister I like very much, but her brother I do not like.

Do you have a copy?

That country abounds in oil.

He hates spiders.

I couldn't leave Tyler to die.

He may have left for Kyoto.

Rees might have survived if the paramedics had gotten there faster.

What will we do with the leftover bread?

It is next to impossible to make him stop smoking.

I suppose I can ask her.

He's rich, so he can do anything.

What a marvelous suggestion!

The things he says are not the least bit important.


Pets offer us more than mere companionship.


Ramon has finished unpacking his suitcase.

I think this is really exciting.

Roderick knew absolutely nothing about it.

How much food does Vince have left?

Would you do it?

I'll tell you all about it later.

I've already seen this.

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I've learned how to relax.


I wouldn't have dreamed of it.

That feeling is called love.

I'll remember you for as long as I live.


He found the shoes too small for him.

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He asked questions at random.


Thad is a real good guy.

Reiner is at the foot of the stairs.

My clothes are there.

He tried to study all night, but in vain.

He was tied to the tree with a rope.

Running is good for your health.

In the summer, the temperature ranges from thirty to forty degrees Celsius.

You have water running through your veins.

Srikanth is definitely not stupid. He's just lazy.


Stop playing with yourself!

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The human tendency to regard little things as important has produced very many great things.

She wrote in ink.

I had a glimpse of a UFO in the night sky.

Liber has lived in Chicago for a year.

Oops, I shrunk my sister's favorite hoodie.

He is the last man to take a bribe.

I don't know how to handle children.


Matt asked if there were any questions.

I went on foot only one way.

It was like a dream come true.


The bar is crowded.


Stop repeating everything I say.

This program is broadcast every other week.

It's difficult to speak French well.

It's a little more complicated than that.

You have to sit somewhere else.

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I reached the station at six.

We learned how to read French in school, but didn't really learn how to speak it.

The girls want someone on a white horse holding a sword but not someone with a true heart.


I hardly knew Ben.

This case also applies to other cases.

Can you speak Toki Pona?

Pamela is like the big brother I never had.

Sorry, but he is out now.

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On a sheet of paper, talk about your routine.