Meehan opened the door and listened before he decided to walk in.

I can fall back on my savings if I lose my job.


Robbin is beating up Gigi.

We have no choice but to risk it.

I agree to his marrying her.

Is Kory cool?

Darci wasn't able to read until he was thirteen.

We agree, you will come to dinner at our house.

The emperor Theodosius made Christianity the state religion and banned other religions.

Briggs says he can get us everything we need.

Do you see the garden?

Judge likes his job a lot.

Jacob is very compassionate.

I am planting beans in my garden.

The woman he married is very beautiful.


Do you think Suyog will like it?

Watch your luggage.

Why so much hate?

He has lost face.

I don't speak Russian.

Some lectures are not wholesome for children.

I was afraid of making the first move.


He went skiing.

I'm still waiting for a reply.

My parents are getting divorced.

Do you have pencils?

We deserve this opportunity, Jarvis.

What's their connection to him?

Tickets are $30 for adults and $15 for children, and may be purchased at the door.

That politician claimed that he only ate local farm products.

I think you want this more than you want to admit.

Deb has a blue car.

The development of the computer industry has been very rapid.

"You don't mind, do you?" - "Of course I don't."

A truthful politician? Pull the other one!

I'm Calvin's nephew.

Who do you work for?

This is way better than what you wrote before.

I am going to check the work.


There was a chain-reaction crash during rush hour.


Do you have any idea what was in the box?


My brother has a dog.

It doesn't matter who says that, it's not true.

Stop being narrow-minded.


That was nifty.


Lie down and rest for a while.

We expect him tomorrow at ten o'clock.

Would you introduce yourself?


Please don't insult the boy!

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I'm useless at French.

I didn't shoot anything.

He is my neighbour.

His promise cannot be counted on at all.

He often adopts the behaviours and speech patterns that characterise the advantaged.


Don't interrupt him.


Why weren't you listening?


Can we ask you a few questions?

Mechael couldn't get the door open.

The boy was not upset, even after being laughed at by his classmates.


I can't accept the invitation because I have another engagement.

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I will work hard.

I recognized her by her fiery red hair.

I'm glad we're doing this together.

Karen is a pre-teen.

You have no idea where we are, do you?

We had five dollars left between us.

Would she like that?

I just want to see what happens.

We don't know what it was.


I can't believe Winnie was an undercover cop.

I will explain it to you after.

There are two kinds of work in the world--head work and hand work; mental and manual.

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We talked in sign language.

I don't understand this word.

She's a songwriter.

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I never even knew you cared about me.

I did what she'd asked me to.

He's afraid of his own shadow.

The family's circumstances are not easy.

Alastair is ready to start.


Norma promised me he would help me clean out the garage tomorrow afternoon.

I told you Lucius was hungry.

Hamisi uses sugar.

Clifford and Scott often argue about money.

You're charismatic.

What are your pet peeves?

He was at a loss for an answer.

Esperanto allows embracement of the world.

Johnnie said he would buy it.

I saw Clara this morning.

I'm not working your land.

I think you've been in Boston a little too long.

It is a good cake.


She's very experienced.

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Winston was extremely nervous.

I was hoping you might be able to show me how to do this.

If I had known about your illness, I could have visited you in the hospital.

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Beginners should learn spoken English first.

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How unfortunate!

They will catch up with the lead runner soon.

He occasionally reads detective novels.

I haven't read this book.

We took shelter under a tree.

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This is the last time.

We've got to stop meeting like this.

Let's not go to that restaurant again.

Harv looks puzzled.

Cynthia would defend me.


What did you think it was?

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It was raining quietly.

Vadim and Clarence play golf together.

Could you speak as slowly as possible?


The police suspended Marion's licence on the spot.

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You didn't tell Sorrel anything, did you?

Daren is watching 'Touched by an Angel'.

After a week, Syd had well and truly worn out his welcome.


Stay away from this guy.

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I'm not going to just throw it away.

Show it to us!

The guy playing the piano is Kay.

The duty chemist is open on Sunday morning.

Music was my first love and it will be my last!

Fletcher never got the chance to do that, did he?

It seems obvious that he is unable to swim.

Bret and I rarely agree on anything.

Liyuan never wanted to get a divorce.

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The woman in a red dress ignored the black-clothed man and called a friend on her mobile.

I'm not impoverishing you.

She can't play piano very well.

Just tell me what you want done and I'll do it.

He was included in the deal.


I don't need your advice.

If I had time and money, I'd travel to Europe.

I have a new red car.

He did his best to rescue her.

Kolkka knows what Himawan did three days ago.


Wake up!

Most of our employees are young.

It was an accident.

They found us.

You can use my office, if you like.

But for you I'll always be insignificant.

They said they were not afraid of smugglers.

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You can't miss seeing this wonderful film.


I'll see Page next week.

For the time being, there seems to be almost no hope of a solution.

He gets along well with his classmates.

Mr Yamada, you are wanted on the phone.

Let's get off the bus here.

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Should we get her?

Marc seems very friendly.

How was your summer vacation?

Father isn't at home.

Where did Vince buy it?


One way or another, we'll find Kris.


Tiefenthal didn't have enough money to go to the concert.

I was so laidbacked that I had slept without realizing.

Claudio asked me if I could sew.


I misjudged Amarth.

I must go to the bank to get more money.

Sal turned on the tap.