Simon lied to the cops.

Lots of people identified the United Kingdom with London.


How many innocent civilians were killed in Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

Space couldn't resist touching it.

I wonder if Venkata can help us.

Sanche has been waiting for ten minutes in the car.

I myself was a missionary in Africa.

I don't like them at all.

Her affectionate letter moved me.


You're frustrated about your job.

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Norma was suspended for throwing a chair at another student.

I don't know what the consequences will be.

Sharan tried to sell his house.

A protocol is used when computers intercommunicate, just as human beings do.

Can you provide us with references?

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Strange to say, all the lights in the house were on, though no one was at home.

Winnie asked me out on a date.

"Link, I need you." "Finally! I'll take off my clothes!" "Not in that sense, silly. Today is Father's birthday!" "The King has a birthday?!" "Yes. You'll be in charge of the decorations and I'll invite the guests!"

Joshua promised not to go out after dark alone.

Level off the sugar when measuring out.


I think you guys would be very happy here.

My time for these exercise and reading was at night, after work or before it began in the morning, or on Sundays.

A cloud is condensed steam.

This morning, I bicycled to work.

She tends not to show her feelings.


I think of watching TV as a waste of time.


Timothy tried to play the song Stephen requested.


I'm in the midst of an emotional disaster.


I want them to look at me.


Michael knew Lou wasn't very hungry.


I'm helping people to buy things online.

It's the queen.

It sounds strange to me.


Edith and Ric never criticized each other.

My mother warned me not to follow in the footsteps of my brother.

You'll have to pay.

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I'd better go find them.

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He counts for nothing to me.

Piet and three other people will help us clean up after the picnic.

You look good.

Rafael isn't the man he used to be.

What can I do for you today?

I just don't want to talk about it.

Rob noticed something on the ground.

You don't look anything like your mother.

I guess I need to start studying harder.


Everybody knew it, but I didn't care.

It's getting late. I gotta go.

I think you've been watching too many horror movies.

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It was not long before she came.

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It'll come in handy.

He gave him a lump of silver as big as his head.

That will do us a fat lot of good.

What are my options?

I wonder if Elvis will do it for me.

Send it to human resources and to the head of finance.

Were you waiting for me?


Someone needs to tell her that.

We flew to Paris, where we stayed a week.

In tennis jargon, winning a set 6-0 is called a bagel. Winning two sets at love is called a double bagel. Winning three sets at love, only possible in a best-of-five match, is, unsurprisingly, referred to as a triple bagel. Triple bagels are extremely rare in professional tennis.

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These books and clothes are all yours.

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I know how to read between the lines.

I didn't ask you, Maurice.

She gave us something to eat.

Fred is unafraid.

Sadako wanted to add more, but her mouth just didn't want to open enough to make the words anymore.

Rebecca put the lid back on the box.

He did his best to the end.

You keep forgetting to do your homework.

We are making advance plans for our holidays.

Who allowed her in?

She was angry and confused.


I'm not the same fool I was fifteen years ago.

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This plant doesn't need a lot of light.

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Please tell me the way to the post office.

Kikki might think that we want him to do that.

It was on a hot summer night.

Personally, I don't like it.

There's nothing to see.

How do I explain it?

I never heard any details about Robbin's trip.

There are plenty enough reasons for me to resign.

Donn will never get out of prison.


No one suspected.

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Any drugs or weapons?

How many times a month do you go to the mall?

Fred got it done right way.

Grant just wants my money.

Prince Charles will be the next British king.

I will have lived here for ten years next month.

The two men sitting on the bench were Americans.

Am I missing anything?

Those present rose as one man and walked out.

That's certainly not it.

I charged them too much money for their room.


I have something for both of you.

I didn't want to mislead anyone.

God and the devil are awesome.


I'll be upstairs if you need me.

Warren Harding was an honest man.

He is an Italian.

She has good style, so she looks good in anything she wears.

I think it looks awesome.

Let me do this for you.

I want Toby to hear your story.

The clouds hang in the sky.

There's been an accident. A man is hurt. He's bleeding badly.

I never said it was going to be easy.

What do you want to say to him?


I felt for the light switch in the dark.


The young man's face became even redder.

You need to look in all directions before crossing the street, even at a crosswalk when the light is green.

Do you want the same thing to happen to Narendra?


You were thinking.

The host entertained us at the party.

Are you angry at Oscar?

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Give them a call.


I don't want to walk home.

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"I have a lot of cooking to do for the party." "I'll help."

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You need to improve your diction. You really are very hard to understand.

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Plan your moves carefully.


I got five years in prison.


Win hasn't heard from Gerald since then.

No matter how hard I try, I can't do it any better than she can.

As far as I could see, everything was covered with snow.


My parents tried to convert me to their way of thinking.


He found a public telephone and called a taxi.


Why don't you enter?

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My eyesight is beginning to fail.

Let's drop it.

Sheila definitely won't work for less than $300 an hour.

Foxes are wild animals.

You have to pay at the toll plaza.

These records are 2,000 yen each.

What vegetables do you want to buy?

I don't understand English.

Greg and Patricio had to postpone their departure.

Your suitcase looks heavy.

I can't decide that for you.

I wonder if he will stand by me when I am in trouble.

You as well as he are diligent.

I was almost home when the car ran out of gas.

I can't approve the project. It leaves much to be desired.


This increase in unemployment is a consequence of the recession.

The politician receives on Wednesdays.

This rule is applied to foreigners only.

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He placed his hand on my shoulder.


My guess was right.

Last night I blew chunks.

The women of the group are different from each other.

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These are expensive tickets.


She has very good manners.


He said he would give us his decision for sure by Friday.