Richard lives in the suburbs.

Huey and I had a fight.

She is about your age.

They seemed to be very good at reading.

This seems very difficult!

Are you a teacher here or a student?

What's a loon?

There seems to be little agreement as to how to preserve the evidence in such cases.

Which side won?

He forced her to sit down.

To be honest, I don't understand the reasons for such actions.

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How long did you go out with him?


This is what I found in the cave.

No one was more surprised than Daren.

Give me a rain-check.

I baked these cookies for him.

My parents run a pension for skiers.


They know something.

Who out of your friends will come?

Dan was released from solitary confinement after spending a month in the dark.


English is the most spoken language in the world.

The band came at the head of the parade.

Case is on good terms with Leslie.


It's a complicated matter.

How long's this going to take?

You probably agree with Presley, don't you?

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How close are you to her?

What are you looking for exactly?

Once you've started something, don't give it up.

Translating languages is very difficult.

He quit without notice.

What was his answer?

I was completely broke.

This is a dangerous mission.

I know that people also speak Interlingua in the Blue Mango Country.

Mehrdad cried his eyes out.

The supermarkets are now closed, so we'll have to make do with what is left in the refrigerator.

He has some mannerisms.

Jeremy and Suyog spoke to each other for a long time.

We haven't told Horst anything yet.

"Do you mind opening the window?" "Not at all."

In various Turkish restaurants, shishkabob is the main food.

Keep arms above head at all times or you will be shot on sight.


I didn't hear Joseph leave.

When are your parents coming home?

This is all very disturbing.

How many flowers do you buy?

Johnnie parked across the street.

I play with my cat.

My heavens, what an enormous box!

You got here late, didn't you?

If you would drive a little bit slower, it would probably be safer.

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He always shows off his abilities.

He breasted it out against difficulties.

I finally understand what you were trying to tell me.

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Chechens have inclinations towards independence.

She's a tease.

How many mistakes did Elwood make?


I can't finish this part of the puzzle.

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I think that's a good plan.

Dawn has many cats.

Everyone is watching Varda.

Amanda got some paint on his shoes.

Don't talk to him that way. He's my friend.

In the years to come, the vine will give many grapes.

Her plan after work today is to go to the cinema.

We have to be patient here.

Your intolerance reflects your insecurity.

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I don't think Raja is a bad boy.

Tell him he should submit his immediate resignation.

Hell would be paradise for a masochist.

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Of the two stories, the latter story is better.

I'm at your disposal.

I didn't have to pay.

I interviewed a lady who works to protect the environment.

I'd really like to know what that is.


I met him on several occasions.

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Astronomers believe the Great Red Spot is caused by a potent hurricane-like storm system in Jupiter's atmosphere.

Rusty grabbed the phone out of Jackye's hand.

She carefully watched the bird in the nest.

Marcel is as stubborn as Evelyn.

Jem already told me that.

Gene tried to argue with Rik.

When will this all end?


Don't get involved.


You love him, don't you?

She introduced her sister to me.

Don't let me lose faith in justice.

Maybe it's not a good idea.

Who in the world is the fellow over there?

He wrote the article "Interstellar Voyages with Passengers in Cryogenic Suspension."

I can't wait for school to start.


Trent was killed.

This has always been a problem.

You're being used.

Somehow, you look different today.

I was afraid you'd ask that.

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We deplore your cruelty to animals.

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I think it is necessary for you to go there.


This agreement is binding on all of us.


You're getting too emotional.


Are you married or single?

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Ralph might be lonely in Boston.

Soon you'll know everything.

I love this man.


Do you want to see my cat?

Work isn't shameful.

We need to colonize other planets.

How did you ever get out of it?

Have you gotten paid yet?

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I recorded 2000 English words in my neurons.

She's Thai.

I watched the baseball game last night.

What do you like to cook the most?

She passed away two days ago.


Whether we find a joke funny or not largely depends on where we have been brought up.

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Am I catching you at a bad time?


Cathryn doesn't get paid very much.

This is the last challenge.

You traveled by train.

She cleared off the table.

Everyone's watching us.

We know that.

I have to talk to you alone.


They were terribly hungry.

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I sing a beautiful song.

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I carried the message to him.


You can visit NHK any time.

That might be possible.

They blocked it.

I am in accord with his view.

Darin struggles with this concept.

At which time do you have the next lesson?

We do not want to discard the article but reshape it.


We went dancing.

Maurice played tennis each Monday.

Naomi has just finished her work.

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Rupert left without even telling me.


I didn't want to come here at all.


My baby kicks very hard.

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It is best left untouched.

Reading books is important.

The sight sent chills of delight up my spine.

Leonard sat down on the log and took off his boots.

Lucifer has never been to a circus.


The sea's waves have made me hear his poem.


I like listening to him.

I'm going to take the dog to the vet.

Moran loves reading.

Margot came to the party with a girl half his age.

Don't be longer than you can help.


Don't laugh at me.

An empty stomach doesn't help on the mental front.

Yes, by all means.

Satellite imagery is being used in an effort to narrow down the area in the Indian Ocean where floating debris has been observed.

Everybody in the village knew him.


Were you following me?