My shoes are too tight.

She's looking for a place to live.

Niall can't make it.

Yara is avoiding me.


Try to get some rest.

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My roommate is 20 years old, and didn't know what a clitoris was until a few weeks ago. He thinks that his lack of knowledge is self-explanatory because he is gay, but I don't buy it. I think it just goes to show how shitty the public education system is here.

The yellow toy is little.

You're the one who ought to be afraid.

Susie's hair is very long.

F. takes sides with the criminal.

But where do pigeons sleep?

Who will you eat dinner with tonight?

Erwin gulped down a tall glass of orange juice.

Mariou doesn't like the way Claudia laughs.

Hisao's face was as pale as that of a corpse.

Deborah is a lecherous old man.

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I don't want you to quit working here.

I don't know how, but she did it.

My meeting her was purely accidental.

I'll go myself.

We're elected.

I really hurried.

Sumitro dropped a dish and it broke.


Surya often talks about golf.

The play was a lot of fun. I wish you could have been there.

Donne isn't in the mood anymore.

I read that book a long time ago.

She allowed him to kiss her.

I went inside to drink coffee.

Let peace happen in the world.


Ram did the same thing I did.

I'm going to hang out with Lois.

Nobody told me that it was going to cost this much.

It wasn't just Will who saw Maurice do what she said she didn't do.

This is a sociological study on abortion.

Someone stole Tareq's guitar.

I don't believe anything I haven't seen with my own eyes.

Why didn't you tell me that before?

Betty is watering the flowers.


The man who stops learning is as good as dead.


If you eat a light lunch, you're likely to avoid a mid-afternoon energy slump.

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Evan doesn't want Granville to go.


Is this where Takao lives?


It is impossible to make her understand the theory.


Our boss is hard to please.


No one likes them.

She thought cross stitch was a good substitute for oil paintings.

Are you sure you have enough money?


Don't speak with such an arrogant tone.

He wears his turban on one side, meanwhile his whore is naked at home.

Shove it in the slot.

It was an accident, Jorge.

He missed Hartmann.

Would you mind my opening the window?

When he got back up on his feet, the girl and the goat had disappeared.


It's not for the faint of heart.

Get on in here.

The wounded are getting better.

He reads a good deal.

You should sue them.


What were Hsi and Raman supposed to do?

I eat meat almost every day.

I have read many of his novels in translation.

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Why did you volunteer to do this?

In short, systems of morals are only a sign-language of the emotions.

Where did he hide them?

The house was built several hundred years ago.

Nobody is born knowing.


Our school is near the station.


"Give me a kuritsa please!" "What?" "Kuritza! I want a kuritsa! Give me this kuritsa." "No, this is a chicken." "I don't want a chicken. I want a kuritsa!"


I think I want you to stay.

We probably don't have enough money to buy that.

Dorian doesn't like you very much either.

That concern has been eliminated.

No one can determine the amount of money we waste in a year.

The ceremony was simple.

You have to stay quiet.

Billie leaned against a tree and started to talk to it about his marriage.

Has Earnie been hurt?

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How about making me a cup of tea?


How far along are you?

I don't have the number.

When a whole town is destroyed in a bush fire, it is the elderly who find it most difficult to start again.

Sergeant didn't have a fever this morning.

This soup is too salty to eat.

Panzer staggered home.

Let's talk over the matter.

Dimetry has probably never driven a truck.

He thinks I'm in love with her.

He is opening the window.

I know how persuasive Sjaak can be.

He didn't hear his name called.

I hope someone turned my missing cellphone in to the lost and found.

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Is there a problem with that?

You could say that Mrs. Smith is a television addict.

When Lindsay ate some food that had fallen on the floor, Vernon looked disgusted.


We had a stopover in Chicago.


Sumitro has been waiting for ten minutes in the car.


I had to trust them.

Please accept our condolences on the death of your father.

Stop hiding your head in the sand.

She quickly realized there was something wrong with that car.

There are only esperantists there.

That's a pretty hard question to answer.

It turned out all for the best.

We punished him according to the rules.

When did you two decide to get married?

He keeps this gun loaded.

Let's look on the positive side.

I don't want to know the truth.

They want to talk to Harmon only.


While Liber was picking blackberries, the thorny canes scratched his arms and legs several times. "Next time I do this," he told Debbie, "I'll be sure to wear long sleeves so that I don't get so many little scratches."

What do you guys think of me?

I'm 19.


We hope Delbert will do what we've asked him to do.

Maureen is a well-rounded individual.

I don't even know Warren.

Patrice never for one moment imagined that he'd be able to get into Harvard.

They unanimously concluded that he had violated the rules of an unfair imitation and good business practices in the marketing law.

Patricia just saved my life.

I've learned a great deal about Dan.

What are you lingering for? Hurry up and go.

I was born and raised in the country.

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I saw your shop board out there on road.


Treatment in those days consisted of easing pain and making the sufferer as comfortable as possible.

Don't ask questions. Just follow orders.

Are you sure you don't want to go with us?

She likes teamwork.

You've chosen a really good time to come to Kashgar.


Judge didn't live in Boston last year.

It's for you that I have come.

Maybe he is Italian or Spanish.


Edgar goes to school five days a week.

I know what I want. I just haven't found it yet.

I searched all over for you.

How much grass does a buffalo eat per day?

Frank is very good-looking.

The highest revelation is that God is in every man.

Can't we start at the beginning?

Virtue is its own reward.

We knew we didn't do anything wrong.

This is an early work, I did it freely without storyboarding so it's unreasonably long.

What've you written?

Dan and Bruno had a pillow fight.

Wendy has to get ready for work.


He pretended not to be listening.


That's just what I need right now.

Stay back or I'll kill you.

When the time is right, I'll tell you.


I don't want to eat lunch now.


Do you have a library in your school?

He called out loudly, but nobody heard him.

After eight years of Bush the election of Obama was, for many, a breath of fresh air.

It took a long time, but in the end I was able to convince him.

It won't be long before he can play baseball again.

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Learn to let go when the time is right.

The road was very bumpy.

What are you expecting for the new year?


If you're happy, I'm happy.


Ikebana is part of Japanese culture.