Maximizing Your Sales Page Conversions

Maximizing Your Sales Page Conversions


Your sales page is one of the most important elements of your business. This is the page that entices your customer to buy your product. The success of your Internet business is salepage largely dependent upon the success of your sales page.

‘Conversion’ is a term you hear often if you are involved in any kind of Internet business. The term ‘conversion’ relates to converting a visitor to your sales page into a buyer. The conversion rate of a sales page refers to the number of people who buy your product versus the number who view your sales page. To calculate your conversion ratio, divide the number of purchases by the number of page views and multiply the result by 100. On average, (although there are no absolutes) most sales pages have a conversion ratio somewhere between 1% and 3%. If you can increase your conversion ratio, you will make more money. Good conversion rates are essential to successful Internet marketing.

For the most part, people tend to buy products that will make them money, solve a problem, provide information, or save them time. If your product does not fall within one of these categories, your conversion rate will probably be quite low. Try to develop products that satisfy one or more of the criteria above.

Your sales page must contain a compelling headline. A poorly designed headline will cause potential buyers to click away from your sales page very quickly. Your headline should attract the visitor’s eye and provide them with a reason to buy your product. It should emphasize how your product will benefit the buyer. By stress one or more of your products primary benefits in your headline you will see higher conversion rates.

Offer friends and associates a free version of the product for evaluation. Include their positive reviews on your sales page as testimonials for the effectiveness of your product. Buyers like to know that others have benefited by using your product.

Do not over-sell by saying your product will produce million dollar profits over-night. People will know that this is not true and will view your sales page as a scam. Be honest and truthful with the information you present on your sales page.

The main part of your sales page should stress the benefits you mentioned in the headline. It should emphasize benefits, not features. Provide specific examples if possible. You can also increase your conversion rates by offering free bonuses with your product. These bonuses should complement your product in some way. It has become common practice to offer several bonuses with your product.

By incorporating the techniques above, you should see higher conversion numbers for your sales page. Make sure to continually track your results. This way you know what is working for you so that you can maximize your conversion rates.



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