Making a Connection With First Generation Hispanic Employees

The language barrier should never prevent the leadership from making a human connection with the front line employees. On the contrary, it is possible to turn this apparent handicap into a wonderful opportunity to earn the trust and respect from first generation, Hispanics in the workplace.

When leaders accept the language gap as a challenge, they can take 텐가 steps to address this issue by learning specific, workplace related Spanish words and sentences.

Useful Spanish Words to Know

Communicating in Spanish, even if it’s just a few words, will work like magic in developing healthy working relationships between the team leaders and the frontline Hispanic workforce. For example; the team leader can start by learning to say the greetings in Spanish such as:

“Buenos dias” (“good morning”) (boo enos /dee as)

“Buenas tardes” (“good afternoon”) (boo ehnas /tardes)

“Cómo está usted”? (“how are you?”) (komo /estah /oos ted)

“Que tenga un buen día” (“have a nice day”) (keh /tenga /oon /boo en /dee ah)


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