How to Be Comfortable at a Business Trip Meeting

Ah, the business trip meeting. The stale coffee. The room full of strangers. The overwhelming smell of hotel lotion on your shirt collar. A 출장안마 meeting may seem a lot like a flat mattress, no matter how much you toss and turn, you just can’t get comfortable. Still, Business trip meetings aren’t an end all be all to comfort, there is a way to make them feel more like a productive session and less like a root canal. You simply need to keep yourself competent, confident, and poised with the ability to transition smoothly.

Dress to impress

It may be hard to know what to wear to a business meeting. Is it casual? Is it black tie? Is it somewhere in between? Most likely, you won’t no for sure…there is no business trip meeting invitation that tells you what to wear. Dressing on the side of caution, and being over dressed rather than under, is the safest route. You will likely want to stay away from evening gowns and tuxedos, but wearing a business suit while everyone else is wearing jeans will go over much easier than wearing jeans while everyone else is wearing a suit.


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