Immobilized Cell Reactor – 2 Major Commercial Wastewater Treatment Applications

Immobilized Cell Reactor – 2 Major Commercial Wastewater Treatment Applications


1) Advanced ‘Immobilized Cell Reactor’ innovation applied to pharmaceutical industry


The wastewater released is 20 m^3 /day and broadly shifting in its qualities. High-impact natural consortia for the most part utilized load cell   in customary treatment units are presented to stun load applications as exceptionally fluctuating natural burdens are applied.


Thus, high-impact natural framework requires a supporting gadget to balance the stun load application. This reactor innovation has been demonstrated to be impervious to stun load applications.


The rewarded wastewater from Advanced ‘Immobilized Cell Reactor’ based profluent treatment plant could be used for water system of the harvests raised inside the premises. Our past involvement in wastewater rewarded with this reactor shows that the rewarded wastewater underpins the development of blue green growth. This would thus build C/N proportion of soil and in this way richness of the dirt will be expanded.


2) Advanced ‘Immobilized Cell Reactor’ innovation applied to treatment of household wastewater


Household wastewater released from residential division is intricate in nature because of the nearness of natural, inorganic synthetic concoctions, wide range of living beings that are pathogenic and non-pathogenic in nature. Customary natural treatment frameworks neglect to achieve evacuation of disintegrated organics and microorganisms to the acceptable level.


In addition, the frameworks are not effective enough to recuperate the water for reuse reason as in immobilized cell reactor.


Residential wastewater gathered from the staff quarters was screened and gone through a weight sand channel to expel the suspended solids. The screened local wastewater was treated in anaerobic reactor. The anaerobic rewarded wastewater was applied over the outside of the Advanced ‘Immobilized Cell Reactor’ reactor. The ‘Immobilized-Cell Reactor’ reactor has a coordinated natural and concoction oxidation consolidated in a solitary reactor.


The immobilized cell bioreactor comprises of a tall segment (0.6 m stature and breadth 0.15 m) stuffed with enacted carbon. The actuated carbon is immobilized with chemo autotrophs of limit 3.5 x 10^7 cells/gm. Oxygen required for the oxidation of organics in wastewater is provided as compacted air at a weight 1 – 3 kg/cm^2 from the base of the reactor. The counter current development of the fluid and air streams empowers the broke up organics to experience oxidation and desorb the changed over items, with the goal that the initiated carbon keeps up its movement all through the activity. The local wastewater rewarded through this reactor innovation has expelled BOD by 94%, COD by 90% and sulfide by 100%.


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