He wants meat.

Such people get hold of a chance.

I wish I could remember where I left my umbrella.

I want specific information.

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"Oh, yes," he answered.

He is strong as blood.

Phillip came back three days later.

I would never be your wife.

He can't do without comics.


Margot is not a girly girl.

Why don't you try asking Steen for advice?

I forgot to call Mr. Ford up.


It seems that she was ill.

Don't ask questions that you don't want to know the answer to.

My makeup has washed off.


Tor is my rival.


Return to your seat.


He can read well enough.

I'm going to have a date with my ex.

There are too many unanswered questions.

He slapped his forehead and called himself a bumbling fool after an hour of replaying a mental tape of his first date with the girl he loves.

I wish I'd slept last night.

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Never have I seen such a beautiful sunset.

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How much do you make?

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Wonderful was the fighting spirit of the Australian rugby team.

It is obvious why you have a stomach-ache.

There's something I've got to say.

You must start at once.

Well, where do I start?


Tell me why she is crying.

Can you believe this place?

I don't claim to be anything else.

I just ran three miles.

The translator said the translation would be ready by Monday.

I'm left-handed.

Let me open it by myself.

Her reply is always as I expect.

We've been waiting thirty minutes to eat.

Winston may not be able to come.

I'll tell you all about it when you're a bit older.


However you could say that being found hard to understand by the common folk for one's genius is fate.

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You may stay here as long as you keep quiet.

We've made it to Berlin, onwards to New York.

Darci will never forget Kurt.

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One can always find time.


Ravindranath, it's me. Can I talk to you?

It's not possible that she understood you.

I've always been smart.

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At this time, he' the Pacific League's top batter.

She moved to Paris in 1966.

Generally speaking, nobles were only very slightly affected by taxes.

The old man was loved by all.

It's the first time that I think of this thing.

Ice melts in the sun.

This is useless.

My house is dirty.

The speech made by the student was interesting.

Fathers are indeed good to their children!

You should have locked, or at least closed, all the doors.

We're going to find out what needs to be done.

Image Viewer is an image viewing software. This software is a very small program. This software has basic functions only. This is translatable by Tatoeba Project users.

I cannot agree with you on this point.

I don't enjoy doing things like this.

The documents were tampered with.

I'll speak with him alone.

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The boy said, "He has the book."

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How long does it take from here to the station?

You never can tell what'll happen in the future.

Joon is going abroad next year.

This is his handbag.

She ignored him all day.

It's a good thing.

It's a simple job.

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You're overweight.

I've got great news.

He is endowed with many talents.


Leo Tolstoy was a vegetarian.

No one has heard about this.

I kept hoping I'd meet Lorenzo.

And among the good there are Serbs and Croats and Muslims, just as there are among the bad.

Morton maintained that he had no regrets for killing Angus.

Cumulonimbus are a dense and vertically developed cloud that produces thunderstorms. The cloud can bring heavy showers, hail, lightning, high winds and sometimes tornadoes.

Who can afford this?

We've installed several security cameras.

Let us do the work.

You're both adults.

He doesn't know the meaning of fear.

Always use distilled water in steam irons because using ordinary water will cause a mineral build-up over time that will clog the steam holes.

The pond is very deep.

Pilot's older than me.

Mat only drinks wine.

He is walking.

When are you planning to get married?


The bread is in the oven.


The orchestra is drowning out the singer's voice.

I will be reading the book when I've finished this job.

I wrote to Mr. Wood last week and asked him to give you a job on the farm.


I heard that story once.

The road here elevates slightly.

The lights went out.

Grace is quite courteous.

I'm sure you heard about Terry's new wife.

We must counterattack.

She came home crying.

When does the bus leave?

I don't want to know his name.

The tree stands motionless, clothed in twilight, thickly bedecked with dewdrops.

I will be seventeen next week.

I can't put up with his insolence.

We saw the sea reflected in the mirror of the restaurant.

Don't come again.

Celeste went to Boston without telling us.

Then they played "ring-a-ring-a-rosy" until they were worn out.

That one over there is mine. I do not know where his is.

Do you want some ice?

In fact, he loves her.

We need to be patient.

Wait here until we get back.

This morning it was very cold.

I convinced everyone to donate thirty dollars.


Please stay as long as you wish.


He meddled where he wasn't wanted and it backfired on him.

Konrad and Vilhelm decided to break up.

You can manage, can't you?


She likes girls.


I'm sorry I don't know for certain.


Rodney bought me this book.

She was not impressed.

We will prove that P is a partially ordered set.

What is the relationship between politics and war?

How is it she does not come?

Has he lived here for two years?

Jem never spent a night at Tareq's house.


Our living room is sunny.

Lenora gained weight over the winter.

I think your new hair color looks good.

My husband is in high spirits today.

She closed her umbrella and started running.

We'll call Dr. Shiegal for you.

Rod took off.


Honzo looked pretty good.

Where's that smell coming from?

We shouldn't stand in Diane's way.


The mathematical constant Pi to 5 decimal places is "3.14159."

Apparently, I got too drunk.

Amigo was left with no other choice.

She takes singing and dancing lessons, not to mention swimming and tennis lessons.

Kelly ran back inside.

It's a matter of survival.

Show me the magazine.

In the last typhoon, the wind blew at over 200 kilometers per hour!

Even if that restaurant did very tasty food, I wouldn't like to eat there.

Open the bottle.

There were no clerks to wait on me.

Oaks may fall when reeds stand the storm.

There is a pile of rubble where the building used to be.

Ninja gives us what we want.

They're in the car.

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The office is dark.


If Omar didn't do it, then who did?

Let's give them another chance.

I believe in friendship.

I never did like it anyway.

On no account must you touch that switch.


I can't give up without a fight.

The house is over against the church.

As it is the wedding of my younger brother I have no other choice but to attend it.