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With a $97 setup fee, get 5 calls ~ unlimited horses. We know there are tire kickers out there. We promise 5 real leads, not just calls. If it takes more than 5 calls to get your horses, no problem.

The best source of farrier business leads in the nation. Found in over 8,000 cities/towns, we've generated over $26M in farrier business. And we've got the most comprehensive digital marketing training for farriers, around town!

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With Your Free Trial You ALSO Get...
  • A FREE copy of our 100 Page Book for Farrier Marketing ($97 Value)
  • FREE access to tons of training ($297 Value)
Your trial setup, marketing, calls, and horses are all included. You have no obligation to upgrade to get more calls and horses after we delivered the calls and horses to your practice. For trial members, the Winter Special pricing is guaranteed (until we take it down) if you choose to upgrade to a full paid membership. Your trial calls and horses will not be deducted from your paid membership. It will take about a week for setup and to start your marketing. Call volume is affected by seasonal (weather & show) variables in some areas.
"I was very skeptical when NHF contacted me. The first couple of calls Don was very in tune with gathering WHAT I WANTED my business to become. His insights from his previous year of market research and needs of farriers was almost overwelming. My use and knowledge of google adwords and how that system works I thought was better than average, not compared to Don and his team. The quality and volume of calls are way better than expected. A+ in my experience. "
Bill van Houten - COFarrier

WINTER DEAL SAVE 50% (Billed Annually @ $497)

= $1.36Per Day
= $1.36Per Day
  • Guaranteed MINIMUM 50 Calls or 50 Horses
    Advertising, networking and directories give you zero guarantees and zero predictability.
  • Average Delivery Time: 1 Year
    This is the average length of time for us to be able to deliver the horses to your practice. Though it can faster. After that... we still keep delivering for the rest of the year so you are never cut off.
  • No Maximum on Horses
    Many calls are for barns with 3-12 horses. One call alone could land you the horses you want. Typically, you will end up with more horses than the minimum, since 43.6% of callers have 2 or more horses.
  • Never Pay for Advertising
    Advertising and diectories are expensive and pit you against the next guy anf gal, lined up like ducks. Only the advertiser wins in that game. Networking? Unless it is predictable for you, you cannot depend on it.
  • No Expiry
    Our promise to deliver the horses does not expire - even in the very rare case it takes more than a year, so your money will never be wasted, like on advertising that you have to pay for every month. You are paying for horses for your practice, and that is what you will get.
  • 100% Risk Free
    You are not paying for advertising. Only for results which are calls from horse owners looking to book you in for farriers services.
  • 100% Guaranteed Calls
    Your horses will come from horse owners calling you.
  • We Do 100% of the Work
    We do everything for you. We give you MASSIVE internet exposure, maintain your call center dashboard and pay for all your marketing too. All you have to do is what you already do... answer your phone for new business requests.
  • Nothing to Learn & Nothing to Do...
    We take care of everything for you so you never have to worry about advertising or marketing. Just do more of what you love.
  • No Contract. Ever.
    You are never committed long term. Once you buy a horse bundle, and it runs out, you are never required to buy more.
  • Custom Call Centre Dashboard
    Even though all your calls go directly to your phone, you will get a personal and custom dashboard you can log into any time to track all your calls, buy more bundles and track statistics about all your inquiries from potential customers.
  • Real Time Calls Direct to Your Phone
    All calls go directly to you in real time. Callers can leave messages on your own phone directly. If you miss a call or the caller does not leave a voicemail, you will automatically get an email notifying you so you can get back to the caller as soon as you can.

How Much Money Can You Make?

The average farrier, having added 10 new regular customers with an average of 3 horses, and kept them for 5 years added $51,300 to their income. So they paid 1% for that business. Try to get that with advertising, directories or networking! 99% of lead generation companies sell the calls to several businesses at the same time, so they all get the call. Whoever calls the customer back first... wins. We DON'T do that. ONLY YOU get the calls! (Learn more below, about what lead generation is, if you're new to it).
Winter Special ~ Save 50%!
We can only guarantee business for 1 in 100 farriers. Advertisers, directories and networking offer no guarantees. We do. Business may be slowing down a bit this time of year, so it's the best time to guarantee a roaring start for the next season. Regular season price is $2.73/day billed annually at $997. Save 50% NOW and only pay $1.36/Day (billed annually) at $497. If you take the free trial, you're guaranteed the Winter Special pricing when you upgrade.
"Since becoming involved with National Horse Farriers I've increased the number of horses on my book considerably. At first I was skeptical of the idea of ppl using this type of service. However within hrs of my info becoming visible to customers in my area I received my first call. Even in what's traditionally a time of year when calls for farrier work slows down I continue to receive calls thru National Horse Farriers. Joining them has increased the number of horses on my book and due to the quality of the customers I'm in contact with it has allowed me to increase my prices as well ."
Jeff Braden - NCFarrier
"Don and Tracy have been absolute blessings in my life. Their company, National Horse Farriers, is truy next level in what they offer. I couldn't be happier to be part of the elite team, and I know the future is very bright with them on my side. The best part is, they care about me and my life on a personal level, and that is priceless. Thank you NHF!!"
Derek Moores - MOFarrier
"...[they] have quickly become the primary website visited by customers in North America looking for farriers... You too will get new customers at a cost that is affordable and via a process that is painless.... Do yourself a favour and sign up."
Brian Hyodo - ON / CanadaFarrier